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Should You Shave Your Chest Hair? 11 Women Answer

Let it grow or let it go?
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 15, 2017
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Are you the type of guy who feels like it’s a must to trim and/or shave your hairy parts regularly? Or are you the opposite, the confident type who couldn't less about letting your body and facial hair grow long?

Either way, we hope you’ve learned to accept your hair situation at this point. But have you ever considered what your significant others feel\ about feel about them? Ever wondered what they prefer? Are they still into beards? Do they like it bare down there? What about your chest hair?

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Our quick survey says it’s still a matter of personal preference, with some women saying they abhor a hairy chest and others claiming it's definite turn-on. Curious as to how this impacts your sex appeal, find out below how our respondents weighed in on the matter.

“I like a hairy chest, but nothing too overboard. Just like your hair and your beard, chest hair should also be groomed. If he has patchy chest hair, I think he should just go ahead and shave it. If he's on the hairier side, he should definitely trim it, but not too short—just the right chest stubble to make him look manlier.” – Jenna, 26

“Shave it! Chest hair is not hot, especially after sexy time. Imagine the sweat!” – Kris, 24

“Don't shave it kasi it's natural naman. Siguro trim lang if it's too magulo, pero not shave it totally.” - Anita, 26

“Please shave it. Too much hair irritates our skin.” – Sophia, 27

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“Don’t shave it off! Just maintain it and really scrub and clean it every day. It’s actually cute that men have chest hair.” – Diane, 30


“I prefer shaved chest hair. Kasi kapag pinawisan tapos hinug ko and yung face ko nasa may chest niya banda, didikit yung hair filled with sweat. Yuck. ” - Veronica, 27

“Personally, chest hair for me is so sexy, so don’t shave it. Just don’t forget to groom it properly, please.” – Gretch, 25

“Trim lang. Dagdag appeal yung chest hair—mas masculine tingnan. Just super scrub it because pangit yung jungle nga tapos may treasure naman.” – Frankie, 25

“I actually prefer chest hair if it's well-groomed. I think as long as a guy takes care of himself, knows his hygiene and all, we're great!” – Mae, 27

“Don’t over trim it! It should look natural and maintained.” – Justine, 25

“If you don’t want to shave your chest hair all off, it's important to trim and keep it at a reasonable length. If you see it peeking out from under your shirt, it’s time to trim.” – Trina, 27

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Whether you choose to shave it completely or just trim it, it all boils down to this: maintenance. If you want to start grooming your chest hair, remember to treat it the way you treat your facial hair. Give it a regular trim. On the other hand, if you're not a fan and you're planning to shave it off, don't forget to trim first, then use a fresh blade and moisturizing shaving cream to get the job done. Follow these to be sure you’re putting your best chest, err, look forward.

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