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Smell Good!

<p>And you've already won half the battle</p>
| Sep 21, 2010
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When it’s all good to invest on your looks and fashion, you must not forget that looking good will only bring you half of the armor when you step in to the battlefield of hook-ups, flirting and romantic overtures. And how do you make it complete?

Smell good. We all know that smelling good can boost your confidence wherever you’re in occasions or even just simply at work. Knowing that you still smell like a fresh morning breeze even in late night hours can definitely bring up your poise and get your mind at ease. Being manly doesn’t mean you also need to smell “brusko”. And you definitely don’t want your girl to be gasping for air every time you’re near, not because of your irresistible sex appeal, but because you smell like damp towel, or a train during rush hours.

Here are some of our selections for a good smelling you.

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