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Smell Like a Man!

<p>Clive Owen's the man!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Nov 16, 2010
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“I think it is hugely important the way people smell - one has a strong initial reaction to how someone smells when you first meet them, and if they smell good you remember them,” says British actor Clive Owen.

[firstpara]He is the face of the new Bulgari fragrance, Bvlgari Man and he couldn’t have said it better.

A trivia bit for you gentlemen: You can locate our sense of smell in the “brain’s limbic system, an area so closely associated with memory and feelings," or so says

This is exactly why you should pay more attention to how you smell.

You want to make an impression, you want to make a statement, you want to be remembered.

Of course there are many ways you make that impression, especially to that girl with whom your style-bulok is fast-becoming tired. The best way? Smell like a man, man. Here is where you may want to look at Clive Owen again.  

He’s holding a bottle of Bvlgari Man, the newest fragrance from Bulgari. Unlike all them dark and musky scents of dad, it has fresh and vibrant notes that should clue your ladylove to the kind of man you are: you are dynamic, updated with the rest of the world, and having the time of your life.

But it’s Bulgari Man’s warm accents that really go for the so-called kill. It reveals a kind of sensuality that she won’t be able to resist: low-key, light, seductive. “I love the way it’s fresh and light,” Owen says of the perfume. “The idea of light to convey the essence of a fragrance for men—it intrigues me.”  

And you know what, it should intrigue her, too.

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