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Smell like you mean it

<p>A good smell comes a long way</p>
| Jul 15, 2009
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Not very many people realize just how important smell is. While smelling good rocks, remember that it’s not just all about smelling dandy. Recent studies indicate that smell is very closely intertwined with memory; that smell doesn’t just make you remember, it actually makes you remember how you have had felt the first time you encountered a fragrance. Hence, it's hard to be neutral when it comes to smell--it’s either you like it or you don’t.

And then there are reports that say there is rough evidence on how smell can influence they way people regard the bearer of the scent. The smell of good soap may as well be the smell of success. It may sound like the biggest cliché but, really, you are what you smell like. Check out the latest fragrances available on the market on our gallery, and for sure you’re bound to make an awesome impression.—Marc Celis

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