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Amoy Pa Lang, Ulam Na: 6 Products To Make You Smell Papa-ble

Classy macho scents for the modern man
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 1, 2013
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To be really pogi, you gotta look good. But that ain't enough: You gotta smell the part, too! Think about it. Even if you look dashing in your new kicks, slacks, polo, and well-combed hair, that'll be all for naught if you smell like a kargador who just clocked in a day's hard work. That and babes don't dig smelly guys.

We're just telling it as it is, fellas: You're not completely handsome until you're a delight for both the eyes and the nosethe big reason why brands have been constantly innovating on fragrances made for men.

So, here's a piece of bro-tip for y'all: dress up AND spray up! We've selected six new products from top-tier companies that will make you smellin' yummy for the opposite sex. Check them out below.

1) Calvin Klein: Encounter Freshperfume for men
The new perfume from Calvin Klein, Encounter Fresh combines cardamon, light rum, and lavender for an aromatic blend that's both modern and fresh, hence the name.

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Use it: If you want a fragrance that gives you an air of sophistication without overpowering everyone else's nostrils.

Yours for: P3,498 (50ml), P4,898 (100ml)

2) Paul Smith: Portrait For Men

perfume for men
Portrait For Men bathes you in a woody and spicy scent with a tinge of aromatic sweetness thanks to tolu balm.

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Use it: If you want a deeper, more "musky" smell that impresses and tells others "Hey, I'm effin' high-class!"

Yours for: P2,698 (40ml), P3,798 (80ml)

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