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8 Struggles Only Men With Beards Will Understand

These #BalbasProblems will make you think twice of growing facial hair.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 7, 2015
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Growing a beard is currently fashionable. Not surprising because it does make you look more powerful, more masculine, and more appealing to a certain set of women. In terms of practical benefits, the beard can keep you warm when the temperature dips.

But it's not all rainbows and sunny beaches in beard-land, bros. There are a lot of cons too, which we've listed down below. If you've thought of growing a beard, these reasons just might make you think twice.

1) Food gets stuck in your beard

This is the price you pay for growing hair on your face. It's not so bad when you're eating fried chicken or adobo, but things get really messy when trying to down an extra-large burrito or burger.

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2) Trimming it is not as easy as it seems

The strands don't always grow at the same steady rate. Some grow fast, some grow slow, resulting in an uneven look. While James Harden can make it look easy, the truth is, it adds another step to your daily grooming routine. And it could feel tedious if you're not 100-percent into growing a beard.

3) You'll have to talk to your barber even more

"Ser, anong gupit?" your barber asks. You answer as well as you can, not really knowing if you got the point across—and at this point, you're really just hoping for the best.

Now, imagine going through that again for your beard. So hard!

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4) You can't seem to look like those bearded men you see on the Internet

You've been growing and properly grooming your beard for six months now and it still looks like your neighbor's unkempt lawn. Life. Is. Unfair.

5) She's actually irritated by the facial hair

It was your GF's idea for you to grow a beard. Now she's saying, "Shave all of it away! It tickles me when we kiss and I don't like it! Why did you have to listen to me when I told you to get a beard? This is your fault!"


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6) You're always asked this: "Puwede ko bang hawakan?"

And you'll approve because you're just too nice to say no.

7) The stares you get every time you present an I.D.

Security guards always ask you, "Sigurado ka bang ikaw 'to?"

8) Your mom and grandmom constantly bug you

They don't care if beards are in. They only know that it's "dugyot," or "maruming tingnan." They always tell you, "Trim mo balbas mo. Hindi na magandang tignan."

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