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The A-Z of Saliva

<em>Laway</em>? What man-enriching uses could we possibly gain from it's dribbly, slobbery consitency. As it happens, we've compiled 26 of them...<strong><br /></strong>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 25, 2013
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A - Althea Wang’s drool rule: Our March 2012 100% Hottie says this is how you use and not use laway to up your game:

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“When someone’s drooling and natatameme sa akin? Minsan natatawa na lang ako. It’s usually teenagers who I catch doing this. It’s not flattering.”

“With kissing, it’s a fuller experience when there’s more of it. Which other body part do I not mind getting saliva on? My feet.”
B - Blowjobs kill sperm
We’re exaggerating, of course. “I wouldn’t say kill,” says Dr. JV Prodigalidad, urologist at the Medical City. “It just isn’t sperm-friendly kasi it interferes with vaginal mucus that’s supposed to protect the sperm. That’s why we always advise couples who want to get pregnant: “No KY, no laway.”

     'Bro, got some mints?'

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C - Chewing gum increases saliva production
Bacteria in your mouth + sugars from food = cavity forming acids that rob teeth of mineral content. Laway combats acid. But too much sugar overwhelms saliva’s acid-neutralizing qualities. The solution: gum chewing.

D - Digestion begins in your mouth, not in your stomach
Your laway moistens food and creates what biologists call a “bolus” (chewed-out, saliva drenched food clumps) that makes it easier for you to swallow and slide it down your esophagus. Your stomach picks on this food bolus to redistribute as nutrients and out as feces.
E - Extra saliva
Excess spit isn’t bad because it remineralizes your teeth (see: C) and it’s a symptom of cyclical things like the first trimester of pregnancy (morning sickness). But it could also be “warning of a tumor or polyp in your throat. These are fleshy growths that may or may not be cancerous,” says Otolaryngologist (ENT) Desiderio Calpin of Muntinlupa Polymedic. On the lighter side, Calpin adds: “Dentures, braces, retainers, etc. also cause it.” How much saliva is too much saliva? See: Q.

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