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Here's How You Can Stop The Aging Process From Showing

Maintain some semblance of youth even as the years go by
by Shayne Exito | May 12, 2017
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There’s nothing wrong with showing your age. In fact, laugh lines and crow’s feet (and not to mention that dashing streak of gray hair) can add a lot of character to your overall appeal. But if you’re not quite ready to rock that distinguished, older gentleman image, there are ways to keep those wrinkles from taking over your face.

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Since skin is the first thing people look at, skin tightening products and procedures are the most in-demand in the anti-aging industry. This means, gentlemen, there are many ways to stay fresh-faced, whether you’re changing your overall lifestyle, simply looking at a more involved grooming regimen, or forking out serious cash and getting the job done by professionals. Let’s explore your options, shall we?

1) Go under the *gulp* knife

The most expensive methods will typically have you going under the knife to nip and tuck sagging skin away. If you’re not a fan of plastic surgery, but have enough cash to drop, you can go for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, which use injections and fillers to firm up and smoothen out your face.

If you want to avoid anything invasive, you can always consult your doctor for non-surgical skin tightening procedures. The most popular approaches involve lasers, radiofrequency (thermage), or focused ultrasound (ulthera).

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2) Improve your skin care regimen

Step up your skincare game. Apart from washing your face properly (by which we mean ditching regular soap and using a good facial wash or cleanser), start exfoliating regularly and make moisturizer a part of your daily routine. The addition of these grooming steps will reduce the lines on your face, rejuvenate your skin, and clear up your complexion.


3) Use anti-aging products

Another thing you can start doing is investing in anti-aging creams and serums since regular application will stimulate collagen production and lead to a more long-lasting youthful appearance. If you want to get rid of them ol’ crow’s feet and eye bags, you can also dab on some eye cream every night before going to bed.

Pro-tip: don’t just mooch of your girlfriend—products specially formulated for women won’t be as effective on your manly mug. 

4) Have a healthy and active lifestyle

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Lastly, a healthy and active lifestyle can also go a long way in keeping your face fresh. So make sure you follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get adequate amounts of sleep, as nothing ages a fella faster than unhealthy living. Also do your best to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, drink plenty of water, and cut down on your vices. 


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