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Know Your Pang-Ahit: The 6 Kinds Of Razors

We believe that all men should be #MOMOLReady! Here then are the different kinds of weapons you'll need for a smooth, kissable mug!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 30, 2014
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Normally, when we talk about shaving razors, we think of something like this:

types of shaving razors

Yep, that is a shaving razor, a multi-blade razor to be exact (a.k.a. the type dudes often use for a no-fuzz face). We tell you this however: There are other types of shaving razors out there, and each of them has a unique characteristic and specialty.

Ladies and scruffy gents, for your shaving knowledge, we teach you about the Different Kinds of Pang-Ahit. Check them out below then choose your fave stubble-remover for a #MOMOLReady look!


types of shaving razors

Spot it: Used by many hairy fellows, the conventional multi-blade razor is quite ubiquitous nowadays. Usually made using a mixture of stainless steel and plastic, they are durable enough to last you for several months. They also come in the classic T shape, composed of the handle and the shaving head.

Speaking of the head, multi-blade razors have a removable cartridge that can be bought separately as a "refill." Some are now also battery-powered, like the 5-bladed phenom Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

Use it: If you want a no-nonsense razor that's easy to use, can provide a close shave, and can last more than a week, the multi-blade razor is for you. However, it's highly recommended that you use it with shaving cream to help protect your skin from small, messy nicks and cuts caused by the sharp blades.

Pro-tip: Regularly replace the cartridge. Once or twice a month if you're a heavy dude will suffice. This way, your blades are always sharp, hence an easier shave.


types of shaving razors
Spot it: Disposable razors
are often seen wrapped inside a clear plastic packaging and hanging somewhere in a convenience store. It also sports the same classic T frame multi-blade razors have. The difference is the size; disposables are usually lighter and thinner. It comes with a mainly plastic construction and has no replaceable heads.

Use it: Disposable razors are for quick shaves, like when you're out of town and saving storage room in your man bag. They're also really cheap; you can buy one for less than P50. Having a can of shaving foam or gel, like Gillette's Fusion ProGlide Soothing Shave Gel, is also advised for a smoother, better ahit.

Pro-tip: Disposable razors are not made for long-term use, no thanks to its flimsy construction and lack of replaceable cartridges. As such, it's recommended to use one for around five to seven times before you ditch it. You don't want a rusty, chipped blade touching your face, right?

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