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7 Gifts No One Wants To Receive This Christmas!

Don't be a dick, bro! (Translation: "Huwag kang kupal!") Christmas is never the time for unimaginative and tasteless gifts!
by Ash Mahinay | Dec 19, 2013
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The good intentions are there, and no one wants to seem ungrateful, but sometimes you end up with presents that just make you shake your head.

So, in order for this to never happen again, we’ve compiled a list of what we wish to not see this Christmas. (Because, really, we don't want the thankless bastard inside of us to creep out again.)

This goes out to all you peoples of the world: Please do not give these gifts this holiday season...or at least wait for the time when your giftee actually want and/or need them!

(On the other hand, if you want to give gifts that will surely brighten up Christmas, check out our Massive Gift Guide 2013!)


bad gift ideas

The receiver's internal monologue: May bago na akong pambahay…”

*Allow us to explain the ugly shirt. It is ugly because it doesn't vibe with anything you wear on a daily basis and does not match with anyone’s wardrobe or general style either–say a deep V-neck when you and your bud have been wearing round necks exclusively since birth. So how in the world did this shirt ended up with you? Because it was on sale.


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bad gift ideas

The receiver's internal monologue: “I can wipe my nose with this?”

Okay pocket squares are trendy, but if you get a plain white hanky, it’s pretty much going to live in the bottom of your sock drawer (or your back pocket) for the rest of its life. It’s almost as if your gift giver was ashamed to give something more fun (like a dick-shaped ashtray). What’s wrong, bro? We can talk about this, you know? Or maybe you’re just really, really practical.


bad gift ideas

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The receiver's internal monologue: “Great! Let me just set this aside–along with my 100 other funny mugs.”

We’re cheating a bit and counting this as an accessory. A fun mug wouldn’t be too bad if they let you bring your own ammo at that restaurant with the taksiyapo wall. One only has so much clutter space on their office desk.

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