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These Are The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

Perfect hairstyles for diamond-, triangle-, and round-faced dudes
by Shayne Exito | Jun 16, 2017
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We’ve talked before about how a big factor your face shape is when you’re picking your next hairstyle. Simply put, it makes one hell of a big deal. Because we’re still seeing a lot of dudes with haircuts that just won’t work for them, we’ll drive the point home a bit more: your hair should complement your face, and vice versa. That means if you’ve got a round dome for a head, you need to create angles. If you’re all long planes and slim lines, you need volume on the sides. If you’ve got a face that looks like it was cut from stone, you need something to soften up that mug.

Hopefully, the next time you head to the barber, you’ll take a good long look at your reflection, and make the right choice on whether or not you should go for the latest trends. Just to be clear, we’re not saying you should turn your back on undercuts or pompadours, just be sure they’re the the right styles that will frame your face the best way.

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Not sure where to go from here? Then check out our recommendations for these three types of face shapes:

1) Diamond

Wide, angular cheekbones; prominent jaw and defined chin; narrow forehead

Out of all the possible face shapes man may have, the diamond shape can be the most striking. The sharp angles of your face lend to an effortlessly dramatic profile that can either work for you—or against you.

Try out: Layered hairstyles will soften the natural sharpness of your features. Loose slickbacks, faux hawks, and messy pomps will look great on you; if you don’t mind a fringe, messy, sideswept bangs or textured crops will flatter your face, too. Growing out your hair is another definite option for you as long hair, especially waves, will do a lot to slim down and elongate your face.

Avoid: Taking it too short at the sides—this will just widen your face even more and make your ears look like they’re sticking out too much from your head. 

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2) Triangle

Narrow forehead and temple; jawline wider than the cheekbones


Here’s one of the more uncommon face shapes. While those with triangular faces can definitely boast jawlines that look sharp enough to cut glass, this isn’t necessarily an easy face to style. If you can pull it off, congratulations, you’re a heartbreaker.

Try out: Because of your prominent jaw, you need to add volume on top to balance out your head shape. This means medium-length hair will serve you best, which you can then style into combovers, pomps, textured quiffs. An angular fringe or generally more hair on the sides of your head won’t do you any harm, either.

Avoid: Growing an unruly beard. While well-groomed stubble will accentuate your superhero feature (i.e. your jawline of steel), a big bush on the bottom part of your face will just make your head look big.


3) Round

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Face length and width more or less equal from all sides; soft edges and no prominent angles

Here’s some good news for all you round-shaped face: the latest trends are all working in your favor. Typically, that’s not the case, with popular styles usually flattering more defined and rugged features. So don’t miss this chance to get the hottest and most banging haircut now!

Try out: The best way to balance out a round face is to add a lot of volume on top, and keep it short on the back and sides. Undercuts and high fades paired with pompadours or brush ups will definitely give your face length and definition. If you want to keep a bit more hair on your head though, spiky quiffs, side fringes, or textured side-parts will frame your face well, too. 

Avoid: A front fringe, which will make your face appear even more circular. Longer hair is a risky bet as well, since you might end up with a very big-looking head.

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