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And The Hairstyle That Men Googled For The Most In 2015 Is...

Clue: you need a goma to pull off this look. 
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 4, 2015
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Internet giant, Google, gathered information across the web to come up with a "2015 Beauty Trends Report," which they published back in October.

A number of interesting trends popped out. For the first time in internet search history, men's "hair trends"—an umbrella term that includes hair products, hair styles, how-tos, and other hair-related topics—trumped the search for women's hair trends by 6-percent. Simply put, more people searched for information regarding men's hair, a trend that Google takes as a sign of the growing hair care market for men. 

Now, what fueled a big chunk of this increase in search percentage? Hint: Actors Jake Cuenca and Leonardo DiCaprio have been associated with this "craze." Got it yet? No? Okay, here it is: It's the man bun. Of the hair-related searches, "How to grow a man bun" and "how to tie a man bun" are the most common searches according to Google, although they didn't release exact figures. They revealed that from these searches, people eventually proceed to get hair-related tutorials from YouTube. 

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And if they aren't looking for "man-bun" help, what do guys search for? 

Apparently, the second most searched hairstyle was the comb-over (which Google is quick to clarify is "more Don Draper than Donald Trump"). This look features a shorter side, longer hair up-top which is combed over to one side.

Rounding out this year's most searched for hair styles are the undercut, flat top haircut, high top fade, pompadour fade, hair sponge, and mohawk fade. 

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Which are you looking to get?

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