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The Most Satisfying Solution For Flaky Lips

Nope, it doesn’t involve peeling them
by Belle Rodolfo | Sep 12, 2017
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Remember that time your lips got so dry, you could actually peel the whole lower lip into a weird, translucent scab?

It’s so satisfying, but what really happens when you pick (or sometimes, gnaw) away at your flaking puckers? Basically, it’s picking at a scab. Once you remove that top layer that seems too shriveled to matter, you’re inviting infection into an open sore. While lips are a part of our body that regenerates and heals itself super fast, it can turn into a vicious cycle of peeling to reveal “new skin,” failing to moisturize and take care of it, and the dead, dry layer forming a crust anew. Insanely chapped lips can be caused by many factors like:

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1) A toothpaste that’s way too minty (camphor and minty essences dry you out!)

2) Not drinking enough water—your lips and skin showing dryness means you’re already dehydrated

3) Picking in itself is actually a symptom of a deeper issue, say, OCD?


So stop picking and nibbling at that little piece of skin and start trying this vicious-cycle-busting habit later tonight. It’s just as satisfying and easy, we promise.

Step 1: After brushing your teeth, run a damp washcloth over your lips. It’ll slough off any actual dead skin on the shallow level of your lips’ skin. Make sure your lips are still damp/wet.

Step 2: Before bed, put your Vaseline/Petroleum jelly to its…original use, by slicking it onto your lips. Vaseline works by keeping moisture locked under its layer, so make sure to do it right after you brush your teeth/wash your face. Don’t be scared to lay it on thick and look like you’ve had your face in a plateful of good lechon. Chug some water too before bed.

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Step 3: Once you wake up and again brush your teeth, the deep-seated dryness and flakiness will start to slough off. Since your lips have been soaking overnight, all the dead skin that’s ready to go will have softened and will be removed easily. Take the washcloth again to your mouth after brushing, and scrub off any remaining jelly and skin. And voila! Your lips, regenerated and kiss-ready. Try using a lip balm like Napoleon Dynamite, too.

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