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The Most Seductive Drugstore Perfumes Under P200

Smell expensive (for half the price)
by Shayne Exito | Apr 8, 2017
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Here's something we can all agree on: everyone wants to smell nice. Whether it's for the benefit of the ladies or one's own olfactory musings, nobody would pass up the chance to Smell like a million bucks. Unfortunately, while we'd all like to own a collection of perfumes and colognes that are luxurious, not everyone can afford designer brands.

They say nothing good in life is cheap, but does that have to include fragrances too?

There are a lot of perfumes out there that can serve you very well, without the steep price tag. Since we’re all about giving you guys  the best advantage possible, especially in this sweat-inducing summer season, we went ahead and rounded up four budget-friendly drugstore colognes that will keep you smelling expensive (and attractive) AF.

1) AXE Dark Temptation


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If there’s any drugstore grooming product for men that we’d all agree is truly iconic, then it’s the AXE Body Spray. Its scent is so recognizable, just a trace of it immediately brings to mind high school days long past. But since we’re aiming for an upgrade from the typical teenage boy smell, may we direct your attention to Dark Temptation, AXE’s darker, bolder variant. 

An all over body fragrance that evokes tasty thoughts of rich chocolate and cream, Dark Temptation is an irresistible scent that will have all the ladies leaning in for a second whiff. And while a sweet aroma might not normally be a smart idea in the summer, this spray is light enough to avoid being cloying or suffocating. Instead, it’s a seductive, masculine number that one can wear the whole year through.

Get it for: P199 (150 ml)

2) Penshoppe Lovestory

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If you’re looking for a light, refreshing fragrance, then this one might be for you. A well-balanced blend of fruity and floral notes, Lovestory is a modern scent for men that toes the line of unisex. In fact, your girlfriend will not only love how it’ll smell on you, she’ll love how it’ll smell on her as well!

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A quick spritz of this stuff will have you feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

Bonus: this one actually has a version for women called Penshoppe Lovestory - Her Love, which is just a tad more sugary and flowery. If you’re brave enough for a couple’s perfume set, then consider this an option the next time you’re wondering what to get your lady love.

Get it for: P189 (150 ml)


3) Bench Sure Blue

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Don’t be fooled by the bright blue aerosol bottle or it’s high intensity spray—Sure Blue is actually a calming fragrance. Aromatic with distinct lavender notes, a whiff of this deo body spray can relax even the most frazzled spirit.

Be prepared though, Sure Blue starts off strong, and the effect lasts long. And while there are rustic and floral tones in it that will surely help you unwind, there’s also something so universally appealing about its mix of scents that you get an immediate boost in confidence right after spraying it on.

Get it for: P199 (100 ml)

4) Blackwater Aqua

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The classic Aqua by Blackwater is a no-frills body spray that’s perfect for men who just want to smell clean the whole day. If you’re wondering if that’s really the best it can do, consider this: we’re at the height of a tropical summer when body odor is in abundance—don’t you agree that smelling like you just got out of a (thorough) shower is very much an effective way to stay attractive to the ladies?

True to its name, Aqua is a soothingly cool and refreshing scent that will stay on you despite your active lifestyle. Simple, masculine, and light on the senses, this is the summer cologne that will make you happy, your girlfriend happy, and your wallet very happy.

Get it for: P119 (100 ml)

Remember fellas, you don’t have to break the bank to look or smell good—it’s actually more a matter of knowing all your choices, and being smart about things. So before you cash out on a designer perfume that you’ll be too stingy to spray on more than just a couple of times this summer, how about you head on over to your nearest drugstore or supermarket and check out their fragrances first? Happy hunting!

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