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The Sexiest, Long-Lasting Summer Scents You Should Try

Make sure you smell pogi even if you're all sweaty
by Shayne Exito | Mar 26, 2017
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If there’s one thing we absolutely don’t like about summer, it’s the sweat-inducing heat beating down on us practically 24/7. The hot weather can not only lead to countless looks ruined by unavoidable pitstains, but also to unpleasant body odor becoming a regular problem for many. Needless to say, it’s hard to smell nice and attractive during summer.

Now, while good grooming and proper hygiene will help keep you relatively fresh and clean despite the buckets of sweat you’ll likely be producing, your favorite perfume might not be up to the task of staying on you throughout the whole day. High temperatures and humidity can affect not just your skin chemistry—which may change how a particular perfume smells on you—but a fragrance’s potency too, as the heat intensifies and disperses essences faster. 

Since we don’t want you to be that guy that everyone avoids when the sun’s out, here are 5 season-appropriate perfumes that will keep you smelling good the whole day through:

1) L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme

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This one is a year-round wonder, but it performs best during the long, hot months of summer. While it does contain hints of musk and spice—heavy scents that might come off as suffocating during this season—the light aquatic top notes perfectly work together with the perfume’s signature citrus smell to create an attractive aroma that can last 8-10 hours with just two sprays. 

2) Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme

There's no denying that the original AQVA by Bvlgari is a major hit with the ladies. Not only is it a timeless blend, when worn during those days the sun’s high in the sky and a trip to the beach seems like the best idea ever, it’s positively irresistible. An undeniably aquatic scent, this perfume evokes the brisk Mediterranean seaside air, with subtle hints of seaweed, salt, and citrus.


3) Chrome Azzaro

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Versatile, sexy, and uniquely masculine—these are just a few ways Azzaro has been described. A lightweight and airy composition that’s distinctly citrusy in nature, this perfume avoids being cloying or biting because of it’s noticeably soapy tone. The well-balanced combination of fragrances create a clean scent that will stay the whole day.

4) Perry Ellis 360° Red for Men

This perfume is an oriental mix that somehow manages to be the perfect summer companion despite containing heavy notes better suited for colder seasons. It opens strong with a spicy citrus scent and the lightest hint of sweetness, then dries down to a more understated and mellow fragrance that will linger for hours. 

5) Hugo Boss Pure

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While this blend is composed of sunny citrusy and woody notes, it actually has a very aquatic feel to it. In fact, the concept behind this fragrance is the purity of water, which it manages to deliver. Even though it’s a fairly mild scent with subtle traces of citrus and floral accents, it has surprising longevity and settles into a clean and fresh smell that would serve you well during the coming months.

All these perfumes have commendable lasting power and aren’t likely to disappear after just a few minutes of sweating. However, rather than relying on that alone, it’s a good idea to carry around a bottle so you can re-apply whenever you feel like you’re losing your mojo under the blistering summer sun.

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