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The Ultimate Grooming Kit

<p>Because you wouldn't want to go panic-buying in the middle of a shave</p>
| Oct 14, 2009
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It's not so much vanity as it is good hygiene. Taking good care of one's self is no longer regarded as optional but rather essential. [firstpara] As essential as taking a bath every day and as essential as your bathroom mirror. And so a list of essential things you must have in the bathroom for good grooming and hygiene. We mean, borrowing your wife's tweezers is a bit too juvenile.

While most of us are set on running fingers through our hair, a comb is so much more than keeping your mane tidy. Running a comb through your hair keeps the scalp clean, producing the necessary oils to give it a healthy appearance. Pictured here is an Acca Kappa comb with case, P245.00.

Need we say more? The Acca Kappa Travel Kit (toothpaste included), P295.00, is a perfect addition to your discreet kit. You can take it everywhere—the office, the beach, the Indian restaurant.

A luxuriously soft washcloth like this one from The Body Shop can gently wash the face. Use with your favorite facial wash.

Shaving brush
This wooden shaving brush from The Body Shop enhances the foamy lather of your cream. Extra points for looking good in the bathroom.

Rzors have come a long way. Today you can get as close to achieving a hair-free feel with not one, not three but five blades! It's so precise and yet it makes for less irritation. Gillete Fusion is available at leading groceries and drugstores.

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