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5 Basic Remedies For Shaving Cuts

Try to keep that face of yours intact, okay?
by Shayne Exito | Jan 27, 2017
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We’ve all been there before: one minute, you’re mid-shave, happily on your way to making your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and then the next minute—carnage.

Despite the fact that shaving is more or less a daily routine for most men, nicking yourself with your razor during your morning routine is still a pretty common occurrence; for many out there, perhaps it’s even an inevitable one. So even though you’re so used to the motions you’re confident you can shave your mug blindfolded, trust us when we say: don’t.

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Try to keep that semi-pogi face of yours intact, okay?

But, like we said, getting shaving cuts is something everyone experiences at one point or another. The quick and easy solution that many use is plugging the cuts with torn off bits of toilet paper, but that’s honestly one of the most ineffective ways to stop the bleeding and sealing of the wound. Not to mention, it’s a look-ruiner waiting to happen! Admit it, you’ve caught yourself accidentally walking out of your front door with forgotten dots of white paper still stuck on your face before.

So, since we want to save you that particular embarrassment, and hey, since we just want to broaden your knowledge a little bit, here are 5 other things from your bathroom that you can use to treat shaving cuts:

1) Aftershave

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Not only does aftershave leave you smelling awesome, it’s also a great way to keep the bloodshed at bay after you’ve cut yourself with your razor. The alcohol base acts as an antiseptic so it’ll disinfect your wound and also as an astringent so it’ll constrict the blood vessels and reduce the bleeding. You’re in luck if your aftershave has witch hazel in it too—the ingredient is a potent, natural astringent that can treat shaving cuts all on its own.

So next time you’ve got some red on your face, slap on some aftershave instead of reaching for the toilet paper. Just remember to brace yourself for a bit of a stinging sensation!

2) Deodorant

Dabbing on some deodorant is another way to stem the blood loss (and to keep you smelling fresh). Most antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride, which not only shrinks your sweat glands, but also acts as a hemostatic agent, therefore stopping the bleeding.

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Pro-tip: Instead of rendering your deodorant unusable after your shaving snafu, keep things sanitary by not directly applying the product to your open cut and using a Q-tip or your (clean!) finger instead.

3) Mouthwash

Another remedy that might leave you stinging for a bit is mouthwash. Many mouthwash products out there have astringent properties, making it a very useful thing to have nearby when you’re bleeding all over. Listerine, in particular, is a great treatment for shaving cuts. In fact, it was originally produced as a surgical antiseptic, so it’ll clean your wounds too.

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It’s actually a good idea to check out the other ways you can use mouthwash that has nothing to do with making the inside of your mouth feel clean and fresh. You never know when you’ll need something in a pinch! 


4) Alum blocks

Next to old-fashioned styptic pens (which, to be honest, would have topped this list as a means to stop bleeding, if only they were still bathroom staple nowadays), alum blocks are your best bets when treating shaving cuts. Similar to the other remedies, alum blocks act as both antiseptic—washing away any bacteria from your wound— and astringent—shrinking your pores and restricting the flow of blood. Made from potassium alum, most Filipinos are more familiar with the alum’s baser form: tawas.

How do you use it? Simply gently run the wet alum over your moist face. Wait for things to dry for a bit, then rinse it all off. Its size means it’ll more likely treat your entire face instead of just the miniscule cuts, but that’s ok, they’re great for razor burns too. 

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5) Lip balm or petroleum jelly

Okay, fine, we’re not completely confident you’ll find this in the bathroom. Most folks keep their chapsticks or Vaseline somewhere else. Still, though, the bathroom’s a logical place to keep basic grooming maintenance products, so we stand by our choice to leave this in the list!

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But we digress—lip balm and/or petroleum jelly will work like a waxy seal over your wound, allowing for the blood to clot faster. Just remember to rub the residue away before you leave the house!

Pro-tip: Like with deodorants, don’t waste your lip balm by swabbing it straight onto to your skin. Keep this in mind especially—especially!—if you’re just borrowing your girlfriend’s.

Bonus: Ice cubes

Whenever you cut yourself while shaving, make it a habit to immediately splash your face with cold water. The coldness will constrict the blood vessels, slowing down the bleeding and minimizing the damage on your mug. For faster results, press an ice cube to the affected area.

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