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5 Things You Should Know Before Going Commando

Sometimes letting it hang out is not the best decision.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 15, 2016
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Admit it: You've tried going commando. No boxers, no briefs or whatever kind of underwear holding your testicles back.

Whether by choice (it's more refreshing in the summer heat) or not (you forgot to get the laundry and you've used Side A to Side D of your last brief), it certainly feels liberating.

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There's also no scientific study that says not wearing underwear can lead to testicular hernia or luslos.

However, before you strip and take it off (again), you might want to consider these five possible dangers of freeing your privates.

1) Playing sports can be an awkward and painful ordeal

You might want to postpone your commando day if you're going to be involved in any form of physical activity. The sensation of your balls bouncing around like a saggy pendulum is pretty awkward. Also, imagine playing hoops when suddenly you get hit in that area.

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2) No underwear means no protection, too

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Going bare down there is akin to a soldier going naked to a gunfight. That's how defenseless your nether region is if you're on commando mode.

"Without underwear, you don’t have any protection between the outer layer of your skin and the harsh reality of the fabric and seams of your pants," explains Mona Gohara, M.D., an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University, in an interview with

The friction between your ball and penis' skin and your pants can lead to irritation and rashes. If you're still going commando despite these risks, you might want to apply some powder or petroleum jelly to minimize the heat and (possible) pain.


3) You'll be wetter down there

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Since there won't be any form of fabric to absorb perspiration, expect your crotch to be a little moister with sweatier. And, together with continued movement that creates friction, it can lead to...

4. Having jock itch

Jock itch is a fungal skin infection that manifests as a red, itchy, ring-shaped rash. Frequently going commando can lead to this condition since fungi loves moist and humid places, like your sweaty, unprotected crotch area.

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5. You'll do laundry more frequently

As we've said, ditching underwear exposes your genitals, allowing them to make direct contact with your jeans. This leads to your pants getting dirtier and smellier faster compared to wearing briefs and boxers. What's worse is that dirty jeans can be a breeding ground for fungi, increasing the risk of you suffering from jock itch or other fungal infections.

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