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6 Times When It’s Totally Okay For Guys To Wear Makeup

Do I look pretty?
by Mars Salazar | Nov 6, 2017
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There are certain occasions in a man’s life when it’s perfectly acceptable to get ourselves dolled up. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, we can even get pretty enthusiastic about it. Let’s take a look at the times when we’ve come face to face, or rather, face to brush with makeup, and come out looking nicer than ever.

1) When you’re a die-hard sports fan

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“I’m a big football fan, and I was lucky enough to have watched the third-place match between Netherlands and Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup right there at the stadium. I had the flag of Brazil painted on my face (because I was scared the locals would clobber me if I supported Holland!).” - Carlos, 30, Entrepreneur

Products: “Face paint lang yata.”

Difficulty: “Well, the hot bartender that put the makeup on me made it look easy, ha ha! I have zero art skills, so I’d probably mess it up, ha ha.”

Prettiness Level: 4/5

2) When you have to be camouflaged

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“I’ve been deployed in jungles a few times, and I had to learn proper head-to-toe camouflage.” - Luis*, 27, Second Lieutenant

Products: “Face paint. I also have a compact given to me by a friend from the US.”

Difficulty: “It was a bit difficult at first. You don’t just paint your face green and brown haphazardly. There are areas where you have to apply lighter colors, and parts that call for darker colors. You also have to assess your environment, kung naka-green ka na face paint tapos nasa desyerto ka, mukha ka lang tanga.”

Prettiness Level: 2/5

3) When you have to have your picture professionally taken

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 “The last time I had makeup put on my face was when we were shooting the prenup photos for my wedding.” - Enrico, 31, Editor 

Products: “The only thing they used was powder, and not a lot of it. I’m pretty sure it was all gone after an hour or so because I was sweating a lot during the photo shoot.”

Difficulty: “It was a simple process; I probably could have done it myself. Unless, of course, there’s a technique other than ‘dab face with powder puff’ that I am not aware of!”

Prettiness Level: 5/5


4) When you have to perform onstage

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“If it's a larger event or stage, and we have gone all out with our attire, I'll throw on some eyeliner. No shame in looking extra crazy!” - Nick, 31, Musician, Moonwlk

Products: “Aside from eyeliner, face paint, and powdery shit, but I'm not sure exactly what I put on, ha ha! I once used lipstick, but on my eyes.”

Difficulty: “Things may get a bit hotter and uncomfortable when wearing makeup while performing. I tend to sweat a lot onstage, so it's inevitable that I’ll mess up my makeup in the middle of the set.”

Prettiness Level: 3/5

5) When you have to dress up for Halloween

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“I’ve dressed up as The Joker [from The Dark Knight], Bullseye [from Daredevil] and Darth Maul [from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace].” - Marco, 29, Business Development Officer

Products: “My girlfriend used a lot of face paint and lipstick. I think she also used an eyeliner. Basta parang pencil.”

Difficulty: “Definitely no! Even the Bullseye makeup wasn’t easy because drawing a perfect circle was harder than we thought, haha! I’m so glad my fiancé helped me out because I’m sure I couldn’t do it on my own.”

Prettiness Level: 1/5

6) When you’re dead

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 “Ito ‘yung last time na makikita ka ng mga mahal mo sa buhay bago ka ilibing, so dapat pogi ka.” - Ramon*, 38, Embalmer

Products:Pang-buhay yung ginagamit kong makeup, pero ang tendency kasi sa buhay, nagme-melt yung makeup kasi mainit ‘yung katawan mo, so mukhang natural.

Difficulty: Pag sa patay, madalas kailangan mong kapalan talaga para mukhang healthy at masaya ‘yung tao. Tapos dapat may linalagay ka sa ilalim ng mata saka may cotton ‘yung ilalim ng pisngi para hindi sila lumubo.

Prettiness Level: RIP

Photography Mark Jesalva Grooming Anne Castano

This story originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of FHM Philippines.

Minor edits were made by the editors.

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