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New Trending Hairstyles To Try This October

Another month means it's time for a different cut
by Shayne Exito | Oct 8, 2017
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The Ber months are a lot like your most paasa crush—sometimes they’re hot, sometimes they’re cold. And while the fickle weather can lead to many problems, probably one of the most annoying ones for the dapper gent is how difficult it can be to maintain one’s ‘do. When you don’t know whether you need to brace against strong winds and rain or stuffy air and sweat-inducing heat, it can be hard to commit to a style, after all.

But just because the weather is all over the place doesn’t mean you should let your hair go wild, too. Try these effortless haircuts that promise to be eye-catching no matter how cold or hot the day turns out to be:

1) The French Crop

We’ll be honest here and say that this classic style won’t work for every guy out there. However,  if you’ve got the face for it, the French Crop can definitely be your go-to ‘do. When done right, the distinctive fringe of this style can give your look an extra masculine edge.

How to get it:

Most barbers should have a general idea of what you’re talking about when you mention this unique hairstyle. For a more solid French crop, have your barber do a blunt cut to create a front fringe that’s around 2-3 inches long. Pair this with either a taper fade or undercut.

How to style it:

Because of the way it’s been cut, your hair should naturally fall into the intended shape of the French crop. But you can better secure the style by adding a bit of product to your hair while it’s still a bit damp, then sweeping your top hair forward. Comb your fringe carefully so the defined edge is straight.


2) The Tucked Back Curls

When you’ve got naturally curly hair and don’t mind a bit of length, a carefully tousled, overgrown ‘do may just be the style for you. It straddles the line between wild and office-appropriate, so make sure you know what look you’re going for since running your fingers through it would be enough to tip it over to either side.

How to get it:

Grow out your hair a bit. Then, have your barber trim it to create a rounded shape that’s just long enough to touch your nape. Keep the top hair longer than the bottom half and sides to make the cut more manageable.

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How to style it:

The key to pulling this look off is knowing how to hit that perfect balance between messy and neat. Use your preferred styling product—perhaps mousse or pomade to provide a light hold without clumping your curls—and use your fingers to push your hair back. You can keep the top locks in a loose side-part or swept up, but either way, the sides should be tucked behind your ears.

3) The Spiky Quiff with Fade

From a distance, a long, voluminous spiky quiff paired with a fade or undercut can sometimes be mistaken for a mohawk (or its more stylish successor, the faux hawk). Despite the similarities, it’s still well outside punk rock territory. It’s a striking hairdo and one that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention.

How to get it:

Like many trendy hairstyles nowadays, this haircut requires it to be short on the sides and back and longer on the top. Have your barber give you a mid or taper fade, but keep the top part of your hair around 3-4 inches long, with the frontmost layers being the longest. You can go for longer hair to achieve more height, just keep in mind that it’ll be more difficult to keep under control. You can also ask for a choppy, scissor cut to give your ‘do more character.

How to style it:

To do a more tapered quiff, add product to your hair while still damp and comb the top half into shape, always going in a forward direction. Once you’ve reached the end, slightly curve your comb up and back to create a subtle brush-up. If you’re going for more messy spikes, however, use your fingers instead of a comb, but follow the same general motions—forward, then up and back. You can run another layer of styling product through your hair afterwards for a stronger hold.

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