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New Short But Stylish Hairstyles To Try This August
As a rule of thumb, no long hair during the rainy season
by Shayne Exito | Aug 3, 2017
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August has started, and in the Philippines, that means one thing—the rainy season is here. As usual, get ready for heavy downpours, strong winds, and in general, cold and wet weather.

Now, with everything this month has in store for us, it’s about time to update your ‘do to something that will hold up in the rainy days ahead. Next time you’re heading to your friendly, neighborhood barber, ask for any of these hairstyles:

1) Slick Back with Undercut

As a rule of thumb, opt for a short cut during tag-ulan. Long hair can turn into such a hassle when wet, and considering the likely scenario of you getting caught in the rain during this season, it’s a problem you can do without. If you’d rather not crop it super short, a loose slick back with an undercut will work for you. Not only will you have enough length up top to style however you want, the undercut will keep your hair from soaking your shirt—a win all around!

How to get it:

Ask for an undercut, and get your top hair lightly layered. Keep the length to around 3-4 inches for a more manageable look.

How to style it:

Comb out your hair while it's still damp, then run a bit of product through the strands. Once it’s mostly on the dry side, start combing it back with the edge of your comb. Achieve the feathered look by starting from near your ears/temples, then working your way up. Comb back from the tip of your forehead last (the loose strand is optional).


2) Short Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut is about as classic as a hairstyle can get, and you’ve likely worn it at least once before in your life. It’s defined by its short cut on the back and sides, while the top is grown slightly longer to form a very light straight fringe in the front. It’s a no fuss, no muss haircut that doesn’t need much styling, especially if you keep it especially short—perfect for when you have to deal with temperamental winds that could ruin carefully prepared ‘do’s in seconds.

How to get it:

Get a high fade, leaving the top part with the longest hair at 1-2 inches. You toe the line with looking dweeby the longer you keep the top, so make sure to maintain the short length. Cut the front fringe so that when combed forward, it falls in a straight horizontal line.

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How to style it:

Work product into damp hair and texture as desire. With your fingers or with a comb, style the longer part of your hair forward so that it forms a subtle front fringe. You can apply more product if needed, though you won’t need much with such a short ‘do.

3) Sweep Back

If you have thick hair, growing it out to medium-length is the way to go, even in the rainy season. Of course, hair that long can get in your face a lot, so if you want to avoid that, do a sweep back. The casual style looks effortless, and it’s easy to fix even when the wind or rain wreaks havoc on it.

How to get it:

For this particular look, have your hair cut longer on the front and top (4-5 inches is a good starting point), but tapered in the back down to your nape. The sweep back also works on longer medium-length hair—it’s just a matter of keeping the cut neat and orderly.

How to style it:

Apply product while your hair is still a bit damp. Run your fingers through it to add volume and texture. Then, add another layer of product, before using your hands to style it back. Or, as the name suggests, sweep it back. You can use a comb afterwards to lightly smooth down any errant strands, but the point of the style is to look natural and effortless.

Pro-tip: Don’t use a product that’s likely to react and turn wet again in the rain. Not only will your hairstyle get ruined, you’ll also end up with product grease running down your face. Make sure to pick a holding product that can withstand the wet season.

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