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How Do You Find The Perfect Deodorant?

Get to know the difference between sprays, sticks, and roll-ons
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 7, 2018
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You’ve probably been using deodorant all your life, but you got to admit; you are still clueless (and curious) about the other variants and types that are available in the market. And if you’ve been using the same brand since you were a teenager, it’s high time to make a change, dude.

According to a study published by Men’s Health, the bacteria on your armpits become immune to the ingredients of the deodorant that you’ve been using for a long time, making it less effective than before. “It’s a good idea to switch up your deodorant brand every six months to prevent resistance,” the study revealed.

Now, if you’re planning to get a new one soon, here’s a cheat sheet on how to choose the best deodorant type for you.

PS: Deodorants do not prevent sweat. The main function of a deodorant is to neutralize underarm odor. If you want to prevent sweating, get an antiperspirant (which is another story).

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Gels (AKA roll-ons

Gel deodorants, or more popularly known as roll-ons, leave a wet feeling on your skin after you apply it—which is why it’s better to let it dry before you put your shirt on. Gels are recommended for those who want to avoid white marks (the one you get from stick deodorants, which we’ll discuss below) on your clothes. Roll-ons also tend to have more alcohol content than stick deos, which irritate sensitive skin. If you’re looking for protection that’s clear, cool, and “invisible," a roll-on is your best bet.


Sticks are dry and solid, so they don’t leave behind a wet and sticky sensation. Stick deodorants are also easier to control—though the only downside is that it leaves white clumps on your skin and clothes. Stick deodorants have less alcohol content and have an ingredient called dimethicone which soothes and protects the skin. So if you’re prone to rashes—or just have sensitive skin, in generalgo for a stick deo.

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Spray deodorants are recommended for those who have a lot of underarm hair. Spray deos, like gels, are mostly alcohol-based. Again, if you have irritated skin, best to stick to stick deo. Spray deos are also great for instant touch-ups, like when you're too lazy to shower after you hit the gym or before you head out for a quick date in the evening.


Cream deodorants are often sold in specialty stores or by dermatologists. This option is best for those who have skin diseases or easily irritated skin, as this is packed with ingredients that are specially made for delicate underarms. Most cream deodorants are also made from organic ingredients, which means there are no chemicals to harm you and the environment.

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