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The Ultimate Guy’s Guide To Manscaping

Learn how to groom everything, from your beard down to the area around your man-bits
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 1, 2018
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Are you a hairy manbeast? Or maybe you're just bothered by a problem spot that's a bit too fuzzy? Don't worry, it's a perfectly natural desire to want to control your bodily hair, and here's our guide to doing so from top to bottom.


Photo by Lazada

Do not try to DIY your hair unless you are ready for consequences! But if you're rocking an uno or something, then get a nice electric shaver if you want to save on a trip to the barber. It'll come in handy all over your body as you'll see later on.

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Braun M90 Pocket Mobile Portable Travel Battery Shaver, P1,995, Lazada


Men generally aren't too fussed about their brows unless you happen to have a unibrow. Take care of it by borrowing a pair of tweezers (or buy one for like, P50)–hold it as close to the root as possible and tug with conviction. Or you can spot shave it off with your razor if you're lazy—hair growing back thicker after shaving is a myth by the way.

Now, if you actually want to shape your bushy brows, our recommendation is to ask your lady friend to bring you to a proper place to get them threaded. It involves wrapping up brow hair in thread (like some ninja jutsu) for the fastest and most precise way to shaping them up.

Eyebrow Threading, P110, Lay Bare


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Photo by Lazada

If you've got some nose hair peeking out of the cave, you can trim them with a small pair of scissors if you're brave and have a big mirror. The better way would be to invest in a nose hair trimmer. Just stick it in there and it'll only cut as much as is necessary because nose hair keeps out dirt and grime. Never pluck them, too!

Nose Ear Face Hair Trimmer, P361, Lazada



Close your arms at your sides, if any armpit hair peeks out then take a pair of scissors or your electric shaver to the excess. There's no drawback to going for clean-shaven pits, but it's better to just give them a crop to avoid the annoying growing back stage. You can also DIY it with waxing strips (P300+ at stores like Watsons) or get a pro to do it (P200+ at waxing salons like Lay Bare) because we aren't fans of self-harm. Yes, waxing will hurt but it's not so bad up here.

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Chest / Back

Photo by Veet

This isn't a common Pinoy problem, but if you're one of those overflowing with excess testosterone pay attention. Shaving your chest will work, but it'll come back in a week or so—and good luck shaving your back alone. Your options are waxing (P500+) or try a hair removal cream (P250+). It won't remove the hair permanently but it's quick, painless and easy to DIY. Why don't we just use it on our beards, pits, and pubes? Well, the skin is too sensitive there and you'll probably end up with a nasty rash.

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Veet Hair Removal Cream For Men, price available upon request 


Ahh, finally we're at the first thing that comes to mind when you hear manscaping. It's totally normal to be concerned with how big your pet bush is down there. There's no real concern aside from being careful not to slice something essential off while you're busy. Use a (dedicated to the task) pair of scissors and hack away at your bush until you're comfy with how it looks, you can also use your electric razor if you're comfy with having whirring blades centimeters away from your member. If you're feeling especially daring though, read this harrowing account of what it's like to actually get a boyzilian.

No hair...forever?

If you really hate a patch of hair somewhere on your person, say a puberty stache that mocks you every time you look in the mirror, then a laser treatment can get rid of it permanently. It takes a number of sessions but the real consideration is price: expect to pay P10,000 or more for an area just the size of your armpits!

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