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Understanding Hair Products

<p>Clear the confusion!</p>
| Oct 28, 2009
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Wanting your hair to do some stunts sounds simple enough but why are you having a hard time achieving it? [firstpara] Maybe we are faced with too many options, with new characters—clay, gum, wax, what-say-you— coming to play every once in a while. Here are your seven most used hair products.

1. Mousse. We aren't sure if you guys could still be bothered with mousse but it does wonders for limp but fine hair. Mousse can help you restyle your hair minus the stickiness of other products.

Don't be trigger-happy with mousse, though. For fine hair, quantity is not important compared to the quality of your product. It does wonders alright, but if you pile on the product, it will most likely weigh your hair down.

Try a mousse in one dollop of foam, not more. Apply them on damp hair and dry in front of an electric fan (if you shy away from blow dryer) with the aid of a brush. When buying a product it helps to look for “for fine hair” on the container.

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2. Hairspray. If you’ve seen Grease or that tween sensation Hairspray, you must already have an idea why men use hairspray. This type of styling product comes in different strengths: light, medium, and extreme hold.

Aerosols as opposed to pump hairspray won’t clump in your hair since the mist comes out lighter. But for most men it is more important that they use one with the capability for extreme hold because they want a look that’ll last them for a day. Spray on after styling.

3. Hair Gel. This product is easier to understand. Apart from giving hair a firmer hold (compared to a mousse), hair gel also gives it a slicked back appearance. Some, if not most, contain shine enhancers, which gives your hair a healthy shean. For the young 'uns, there are hair gels that come in different colors allowing you to incorporate fun into styling.

4. Pomades. It’s now officially made a comeback. Pomades give definition and moisture to your dry mane—things that can’t be had with wax or clay. It is designed to increase hair movement, create texture, and control frizz.

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