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Watsons Releases Grooming Products from Men

If you still don't know, girls appreciate a well-groomed man
by Lou E. Albano | Dec 6, 2011
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Y’all must know this by now: Your skin is different from your girlfriend. Or your sister and your mom. Your skin is naturally oilier, for one. You lead a different lifestyle, and hence, have different needs from a woman.

Enter Watsons Men. The product line of Watsons Men is made with men—your natural tendencies, your lifestyle, your needs—in mind. Check out Watsons Men Bathing products below.

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There is the 2-in-1 bath and shampoo, which is great for traveling (isahang bitbit nalang!) and for those occassions when you’ve overslept and thus, only have 5 minutes tops in the bathroom. And then, of course, there’s the shower gel for real and proper bathing.

Below, meanwhile, is the And then there’s the Energetic Range by Watsons Men.

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L-R: moisturizing facial cream, eye roll-on, and facial foaming cleanser

It fights not just oil but also, the more pressing matter: aging. It contains Sepitonic M3 and CoEnzyme Q10, the two ingredients that help stimulate skin cells and boost metabolism levels, preventing skin aging.

The Moisturizing Facial Cream (50g, P149) will hydrate your skin. It contains Jojoba, Shea Butter, Algae, and Tremella extracts that help in hydration. It also contains vitamin E, which should help in protecting skin from environmental pollution.

The Eye roll-on (15ml, P139) helps tighten your skin, reduce unwanted eye bags and dark circles.

The Energetic Facial Foaming Cleanser (150ml, P149) removes dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. It also contains menthol for that nice zing! after use.

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