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Wax, Pomade, Or Cream: A Guide To The 3 Hair Products That Men Should Use

Maintain your mane!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 6, 2016
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If you don’t know the difference between waxes, pomades, and creams, you’re not alone.

The world of men’s hairstyling can be very intimidating. There are tons of products to choose from, when all you really want is something that will keep your hair in place. So many bottles, so many types, so little time (or hair)! What's a man to do?

To help with your hair-raising situation, we broke things down to three basic categories: wax, pomade, and cream. Straight, wavy, or curly? No matter what kind of hair you have, at least one of these products is sure to tame your mane in no time.


1) Hair Wax (AKA Hair Clay)

If you have straight, short or medium-cropped hair, wax is the perfect product to use on the reg. Hair Wax makes hair look effortlessly styled, and keeps it hold throughout the day. It also has the lowest shine of all hair products, perfect if you’re aiming for that matte, natural look. If you're sporting a mohawk or spikes, wax can give you the added height needed to pull those hairstyles off.

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FHM Recommends: Bench Fix Clay Doh

Bench Fix Clay Doh molds and holds hair into workable shapes. It also smells great and contains beeswax, which is a great hair moisturizer. If you have an event which requires you to look your best for a long period of time, trust that this brand can get the job done. Just make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to get rid of residue at the end of the day.

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Get it for P135 (80g) here.

2) Hair Pomade

If you want the wet look of gel and the hold of wax, pomade is the answer. It works best for men with long, straight or wavy hair, giving your crowning glory that sleek and shiny look. Use this if you want your hair slicked-back or side-swept.   

FHM Recommends: American Crew Pomade

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Water-based American Crew Pomade helps you style your hair without the oiliness of other brands. Use this to give your modern slicked back undercut hairstyle some volume, or to style your hair in a pompadour or in a quiff.  Added bonus: it shampoos out easily.

Get it for P737 (50g) here.

3) Hairstyling Cream

If you've got long and curly hair, hairstyling creams are what you should look for on the grocery shelves. They can give your hair a natural shine, while still providing adequate holding strength. 

FHM Recommends: Gatsby Normal Treatment Hair Cream

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Gatsby Normal Treatment Hair Cream manages curly or wavy hair. It spreads well into your hair, but still keeps it soft and smooth for easy styling. Plus, this cream has a fresh spicy citrus fragrance that your girlfriend wouldn't mind sniffing from time to time. 

Get it for P199 (125g) here.

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