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5 Tricks To Extend The Life Of Your Disposable Razor

Don't throw it away just yet
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 19, 2016
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Nothing's worse than using a dull or rusty razor. You'll either cut yourself or give yourself a serious infection. So how can you prolong its life? Sure, it's a disposable object, whose sole purpose is to keep your face smooth, but why not make it last?

We've got some handy tips to help you with just that (and save you from a decent chunk of money in the long run).

1) Clean it with alcohol

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The buildup of shaving cream and bacteria on your razor can shorten its life. So clean it with some isopropyl alcohol. It can sanitize your razor, and keeps it sharp and free from rust according to Wisebread. But do it after shaving, unless you want to cry from the sting of alcohol on your freshly shaven face.

2) Dip it in oil
After shaving, dry your razor and soak it in a glass of baby oil. Oil acts as a protective barrier against water and offers extra lubrication when you shave the next day. The folks over tested this tip and it worked. They said the blade lasted much longer than usual.


3) Stroke the razor on denim
Grab an old pair of jeans and lay it down on a flat surface. Run your razor up the length of the pants for about 20 times. Denim fiber apparently has the ability to correct tiny bends in the blades, acting like a sharpener.

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Watch the video below as a guide:

4) Clean it with an old toothbrush
The small hairs stuck in between your razor's blades prevent your shaver from doing its job to the fullest. Use an old toothbrush to brush them out. This will help successive razor strokes stay sharp.

5) Dry it
The Chicago Tribune suggests that drying your razor after use can drastically increase the life of a razor blade by up to 122 percent. While there's no conclusive proof that dry blades will prolong your razor's life, several people swear by it. And besides, giving it a try wouldn't cost you anything so why not give it a shot?

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