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Wearing Deodorant Increases A Man's Appeal, Studies Say

Go on, roll it on
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 14, 2016
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If you don't feel that you're the alpha male, maginoo-pero-medyo-bastos type your woman is dreaming of, no need to worry.

According to a research conducted recently at the University of Stirling in Scotland, men who are perceived low in masculinity can significantly increase their appeal by applying deodorant. That's right—turns out all those deo commercials featuring 30 women chasing a man were really on to something.

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In the study, 230 heterogeneous participants were asked to rate the masculinity and femininity of 20 men and 20 women based on photographs and odor samples. Scent specimens were obtained by asking these men and women to wear a cotton pad in the armpits for 24 hours. Respondents provided samples without deodorant, and again after having applied their usual product.

The result? Female participants rated men as more masculine, more attractive when wearing deo.


Although this was not the case for men who were already perceived to have high levels of masculinity; the deodorant application didn't appear to affect their rating. Being too macho is often associated with aggressiveness and hostility, the study said, and women don't like that.

"Men are able to use deodorant to artificially raise their game, so to speak, leveling the playing field by making themselves more comparable, at least where odor is concerned, to more masculine men," said Dr. Caroline Allen, the study's lead psychology researcher.

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It's time for all our fellow semi-gwapo guys out there to stock up on some fresh deodorant—stat.


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