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What Beard Should You Grow

The rules of facial hair
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 14, 2012
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There are a number of reasons why you should have facial hair:
•    You want to look more tough
•    You heard this chick you like finds it “cute”
•    You like “The Caveman” look
•    You find it useful for MOMOL sessions with your ticklish girlfriend/wife
•    You grow it out to keep your face warm through this chilly weather
•    You look like a 12-year-old without it
But unless you want to look like an ermitanyo who has left the mountains, don’t just let your facial hair sprout. Looking suave even with balbas-atsaka-bigote will take a lot of work. Hence, this guide to getting the perfect beard for your mug…


a. PREP: You’ll need your face, a mirror, and a rubber. If you haven't been rubbing things out lately, you can substitute this for a lip balm, your girlfriend’s/missus’ lipstick or a permanent marker.
b. ACTION: Slick your hair back and stand admiring your beautiful face in the mirror. Now trace the outline of your face onto the mirror with your rubber or marker.
c. CROSS-REFERENCE: Now, take a step back and look. What shape is drawn in the mirror? Have a look at our chart below and compare, contrast, and discover your dream beard.  

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