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What Do Women Prefer: A Good Looking or A Nice Smelling Man?

Straight from the ladies themselves!
December 02, 2016
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It is the journalistic responsibility of this website to report on the issues that directly affect men. And one of the most pressing matters common for men all over the world is how to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Granted, certain men are gifted with chiseled physiques and perfectly symmetrical facial features, making attracting women easier—but not all of us are so lucky.

Not all is lost. We do what we can and improve other facets of our being in the hopes that the fairer sex will take positive notice. One of those things is being mindful of how we smell. The olfactory sense is powerful and linked to attraction and memory. Definitely one way to leave a lasting impression. 

So: Good looking or nice smelling? We asked these ladies what they prefer, for your benefit, and their answers should help you on the road to a better you. 

I think mas important yung good smell. Dapat yung guy, bukod sa mukhang mabango, mabango talaga. Pero mas OK kung both. Bakit ka magse-settle sa isa lang? Haha! - Ginyn, 24

A mabango guy is definitely more attractive. Amoy pa lang, ulam na, haha! But really, good looks, parang teaser lang yan. The smell leaves yung lasting impression. - Leah, 27 

Looks. It's the first thing I notice kasi when I meet someone. Pero iba din 'pag mukhang mabango, kasi it's a sign of personal hygiene, and that says a lot about him. - Roselle, 30

I’m easily attracted to a guy who looks presentable and of course, who looks good. It’s the physical attributes that really get the attention first. The “smelling good” part is always the clincher for me. If he smells off—especially when he starts to sweat or, let’s say he is playing sports or just gone to the gym, however guwapo he is—it’s a done deal for me. - Kat, 28

In all honesty, good looks and smelling good go hand in hand when trying to attract the females—you simply can't rely on just one of these things. You want to look presentable and also smell good; it's a combo that many women can't resist! 

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