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Here's Why You Should Keep Your Face Hydrated Using Moisturizer

Use your lotion for other endeavors, fool!
by Belle Rodolfo | Aug 15, 2017
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So we’ve talked about oily faces, now, let’s move on to dry faces.

What’s a moisturizer anyway? And if you already have lotion—for, you know, reasons—why don’t you just use it on your face? Answer: a moisturizer is a humectant/hydrating agent that does not contain irritants, preservatives, or extra ingredients a body lotion might have. Lotion needs to deal with your rock hard elbows and knees, a moisturizer doesn’t have such a tough task, so the simpler, the better—lest it soften your face clean off your skull. So why should we bother with an extra step in the morning?

1) Hydration is a lowkey fountain of youth

MayoClinic says that as skin cells naturally age, excessive dry skin can lead to wrinkles as skin cells shrivel. Moisturizing early = you look fresher longer.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer, P931, Mercury Drug

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2) Extreme weather conditions dry up the skin

If you’re out in extreme weather a lot—like all the triathletes, surfers, or jetsetters out there—you’ve probably ended up red in the face. While living in Manila is a daily heat stroke threat, even snowy weather gives you nasty peeling sunburn (fun fact: snow is the strongest sun and UV reflector next to sand). Moisturizing brings your skin back to normal. Plus points for SPF, too.

VMV Hypoallergenics Face and Body Shield SPF 60, P2055, Estancia Mall

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3) It literally, physically hurts

That feeling when you smile but your face is a little too taut? That’s dryness. Or when you’ve just washed your face but your cheeks flake? Again, dryness. And if you put aftershave and it stings—that’s the kind of sensitivity chicks aren’t looking for. Try a super-simple product for your face like:

CELETEQUE Hydration Facial Moisturizer, P231, supermarkets

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4) Beard growing made easier

If you feel your bristle is itchy, try hydrating and we’re pretty sure it’ll lessen by at least 50 percent, plus less chances for nasty ingrowns to pop up.

 NIVEA Crème, P320, Watsons

5) Less itch

Not growing facial hair and still itchy? The dryness is real. There are also moisturizers out there that rebuild your skin barrier so it stops the itching and the sting.

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PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy, P769/75ml, Mercury Drug

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