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What Do Women Think Of Your Grooming Down There

To trim or not to trim?
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 28, 2016
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Time to shave your pubes.

In a study published in the Wiley Online Library, researchers asked 671 women about their public hair preferences in a partner.

Twenty six percent of the respondents said they like men who trim a bit, 24 percent prefer partially shaved pubes, and 24 percent fancy completely hair-free sexual partners. When asked why they prefer shaved pubes, the most common reasons are these: "It's a more comfortable style" and "It makes sex feel more comfortable."

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We weren't satisfied with the reasons provided so we decided to conduct our own survey. We asked ten women aged 20 to 35: "Do you prefer shaved or not?"

Check out their responses below:

"If you expect oral sex from your partner, you should consider shaving or at least trimming. It is unlikely to be an enjoyable experience for girls if they get a mouth full of hair." —Dana, 21


"It's okay if he won't shave as long as his bush isn't super thick and long. But of course, shaved pubes are cleaner and sexier." —Maco, 28

"After giving birth and having experienced its good effect, I'd say shaved simply for hygienic reasons." —Yeyet, 33

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"I like it when his pubic hair is at least trimmed. I hate it when I accidentally pull his pubic hair during a hand job. I also like deep throating and don't enjoy flossing with pubes during that." —Sheila, 20

"I prefer shaved and neat as much as possible. Feeling ko hindi marunong mag-alaga 'yung guy ng sarili niya kapag mahaba ang pubic hair." —Marchelle, 19

"I don't want to deal with tangled pubic hair so please shave or at least trim. I've observed that kapag hindi nati-trim madumi and there are instances na mabaho ang penis."—Chai, 22


"Hair has never been an issue for me. I like hair on the chest and armpit as it just seems manlier. Down there, though, I prefer if they can trim it a bit so I don't get hair caught in my teeth when giving head."—Paula, 24

"I'd go with natural unless there's so much hair that it looks as if a bear is hibernating down there. A bit of trimming is fine. Shaving is a huge turn-off for me. It reminds me of a baby's penis." —Angelica, 31

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"I do not like the way guys look when it's totally shaved. But please trim, especially if your girl enjoys giving oral." —Jane, 29

"I don't really care if he grows out his pubes. I don't think that affects his performance in bed. I am more concerned with how he deals with body odor."—Farah,18

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