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World Cup 2014 Kicks: adidas Samba Boot Collection

Ultimate kicks to help bring your A-game on the field
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 14, 2013
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Football fans, we know you're stoked for the 2014 edition of the World Cup. However, a bit of a waiting game must first be played since it's still more than half a year away (it will start on June 12, 2014 to be exact).

So, how about this? While waiting for next year's biggest sporting event, why don't you complete your pang-World Cup look in the meantime? Sounds good? Here's a bro tip: start with the shoes because nothing says "I'm a big football fan" than having a pair of big-time football kicks!


To help you celebrate the upcoming World Cup, adidas recently unleashed its Samba Boot Collection, composed of four Brazil-inspired football shoes! You can wear them casually, but we reckon it would be better if you get them dirty on the field. Check out why below.

adidas Samba nitrocharge

adidas samba boot collection
For those who play like a footballin' Calvin Abueva (read: someone who likes to always run and push the ball), here's the Samba nitrocharge. Designed for the relentless attacker, it comes with the elastic ENERGYSLING feature which is built-in to the forefoot area. This new shoes tech lets you turn with more precision while its partner, the ENERGYPULSE sole spring tech, gives you a bit of a boost when sprinting.

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adidas Samba adizero f50

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