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Kwentong Barbero: 10 WTF Hairstyles In Videogames No Sane Man Should Get

Videogames have some pretty wacky weapons, spells, and costumes. But few things are as out-of-this-world as videogame hair!
by Chris Martin | Nov 17, 2014
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Other than city-busting spells, backbreaking weapons, and outlandish costumes, another proof that videogames love giving the middle finger to physics, gravity, and essentially real life are the hairstyles.

But let’s admit it, most of these hairstyles are #Astig. (At one point in your life, you flashed a picture of your favorite videogame character to your beki hairstylist and asked her to copy the look.) However, there are some that are plain weird, some breaching high levels of WTF—all of which belong on the list below, the 10 most WTF hairstyles in videogames that made us scratch our heads.

BTW, we also wrote a detailed step-by-step guide, just in case you’re stupid brave enough to try them! 


What The Hair: This is what your hair will look like if you let it grow long for decades and use industrial-size shampoo and conditioner. 

Get The Look: Just get a friggin’ wig. (Unless you're willing to wait for an eternity and a half to have this hair this long.)

Potential Problem: Maintenance is hell on Earth. Say goodbye to your hard earned sweldo, because you'll be spending a lot of cash on hair products.


What The Hair: The most glorious-looking flat top haircut you’ll ever see. Too bad for you, only Guile can rock this manly hairstyle.

Get The Look:

  • Step 1: Style your hair upwards with Mighty Bond
  • Step 2: Shave the top until the surface is even
  • Step 3: Go home and be a family man. (Because we doubt you’ll score momol sessions with chicks in this)

Potential Problem: “Walis Head,” “Feather Duster Face,” “The Bride and Broom”—the pang-asar nicknames will never end.

Advent Children look)

What The Hair: The Final Fantasy VII hero’s look is a big FVCK YOU to gravity. It also looks as equally dangerous as Cloud's huge Buster Sword—you can literally kill someone with this.

Get The Look:

  • Step 1: Grow your hair out until you get suspended from work for being untidy
  • Step 2: Bleach your hair blonde ala Madonna and style as illustrated
  • Step 3 (0ptional): Get a huge ass sword two times bigger than you to complete the look

Potential Problem: Make sure you have shitloads of Ibuprofen ready. You’re going to have chronic neck pains when sporting this look.


What The Hair: The hairstyle of the demented summoner from Final Fantasy X looks like an ordinary J-POP hair…if it weren't for the huge ass tentacles on the sides. With the tentacles, the 'do looks like a blue spider from hell ready to eat its victims alive.

Get The Look:

  • Step 1: Color your hair blue with hair color or food coloring
  • Step 2: Style the middle part as illustrated
  • Step 3: Paint two huge-ass tree branches with blue and attach them to the side of your head

Potential Problem: Do you often ride the MRT, bus, or jeepney? Then congratulations for making other commuters’ life much more stressful.


What The Hair: This is what your hair will look like if you don't take a bath for three months. If you're not as hot as the Queen of Blades, then this look is a huge no.

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Get The Look: Do not take a bath for three months or swim in a chlorinated pool every day until you achieve the look.

Potential Problem: Good luck trying to find a manong or beki barber who will want to give you a haircut.


What The Hair: The Eddy Gordo rip-off rocks a hairstyle your dad or granddad is familiar with. Get ready to look like a walking microphone with this afro-licious ‘do.

Get The Look:

  • Step 1: Get a big Styrofoam ball and paint it black
  • Step 2. On one side, carve an opening as big as your head
  • Step 3: Wear the Styrofoam ball and—bwahahahahaha!

Potential Problem: Forget watching movies in cinemas. Moviegoers don’t like their view blocked by a huge ball of hair.

NEXT: The Tekken big boss has some pretty nasty hair. No one's bold to tell him off though!