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Beat The Heat With The Sleekest Hairstyles Of Summer 2017

AKA your anti-init hairdo guide
by Shayne Exito | Mar 11, 2017
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Summer is only unforgiving if you let it. If you're careless, the blistering heat will wreak havoc on your mood and physical appearance instantly (think the hard-to-unsee pitstains that plummets your pogi points in jiffy). You can start counteracting summer's effects by paying attention to your hair. If you've been going around with longer locks than usual the last few months—whether it's by choice or you're just to lazy to head to the barbershop—you may want to consider a trim before you overheat.

The clueless in you will find any of these five ladies-approved summer 'do's a must-try. Count on it, the heat will be on. Instead of constantly having to brush away slick hair sticking to your nape, get smart and get a trim. Take this chance to get a cool new ‘do that’ll not only keep you from stroking out, but will let you enjoy the sunshine in style. 

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1) The Buzzcut

Perfect for guys who absolutely can't stand hair drama this summer. The most low-maintenance of all hairdo’s, the buzzcut requires little more than a wash for upkeep. With this cut, you save time since you’re literally good to go straight from the shower (Though please don’t take that as permission to venture outside your homes bucknaked. Let’s keep it classy, gents).

One thing to keep in mind about the buzzcut though is that you’ll be leaving your head without a lot of protection from the sun. If you’ve sported this style before but have managed to escape the painful experience of sunburn on your scalp, then you’re one lucky sonuvabitch. Those unlike you can still rock this 'do without trouble by getting into the habit of rubbing sunscreen everywhere.

2) The Brush-Up


If you don’t want to lose volume but would like to savor the cool breeze every once in a while, then a ‘do with a lot on top, but little on the sides is your best choice. Our bet is a a brush-up with a skin fade or tapered, which will leave you a lot of hair to play with and style, but also keep you chilling in the oppressive summer heat.

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You can also get playful with this one, especially if you choose to go with an undercut or fade, by telling your barber to shave cool hair designs on the sides, like geometric lines or artsy swirls. Since your hair will grow out anyway, it’s a fun style that doesn’t ask for a lot of commitment.


3) The Side-Part Pompadour

This modern twist on two classics will let you enjoy both the elegance of an iconic gentleman’s style and the coolness of a rockabilly ‘do. And do you know what’s the best part? Because it toes the line between conservative and rebellious, it’s a style you can wear anywhere and will alway make you look good.

Since the cut leaves you with a lot of hair atop your head like the brush-up, getting the side-part pompadour right requires a bit more maintenance (and product) than other summer hairdos. Trust us, though, it’s definitely worth the effort. We also suggest you ask for a surgical hard part to really emphasize the style.

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4) The Short Quiff

For those fellas who don’t want something as big as a pompadour or brush-up but would still like a little height and volume, then you can comb your hair back to form a soft, rolling peak in front while the rest of your crown stays flat. You end up with a pretty striking profile for all that the style’s actually pretty easy to pull off.

This hairdo would have you cutting the front top part of your hair a few inches longer than the rest. Since a fringe is not what you’re aiming for here, ask for a cut that you can easily sweep back or style into messy spikes.

5) The Classic Crop

Looking for a no-nonsense ‘do but don’t think a buzzcut will work for you? Then a simple crop will probably be what you should go for this summer. We do suggest that instead of clipping your hair to the same length all ove, just go for a subtly layered cut that’s longest on top and tapered on the sides as this will give your hair immediate texture and keep it from looking boring or lank.

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A short style like this can flatter a variety of face shapes, and will ask very little of you to maintain. In fact, if your barber’s good, your hair will dry into the right shape and style after a shower, and all you’ll need to do is run a comb through it once or twice to make it neat, though tangles won’t really be that much a problem for you.


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