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21 Things You Never Knew Girls Find Sexy

Newsflash: female fantasies are a lot more complicated (and naughtier) than our own!
by Alex Paita | May 12, 2014
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We've always wanted to know: Do women fantasize about sex as much as we do? Eager to figure out what girls really want in the sack, we enlisted the help of three very reliable (and very sexy) gals.

First, meet our panel of experts:

And we start things with…

1)   Your pants

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“Baggy pants that go all the way down to your knees are a big no-no,” says Gianna, “but maybe show a tiny bit of your boxer shorts above your jeans. That’s kinda hot—plus points if you have sex cuts!” 

2)   And you in her pants

While Bianca thinks wearing her undies borders more on funny than sexy, she suggests a way to turn things around. “Go all out,” she says. “You might as well give me a sexy lap dance. Be bold and funny—that sounds
sexy to me.” 

3)   Her boobs, your hands

It seems men have lost the art of boob-fondling. And the girls aren’t happy. “It is sexy kung it really comes dun sa term na ‘the right way’ kasi di ba doon na mag-start yun eh,” says Bianca “Pag masarap sya mag-touch, eh di sexy time na! Turn-off naman kung barubal siya mag-touch ng boobs.”

4)   Men in uniform

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“My kind of man in uniform? A pilot wearing aviators,” Gianna shares. “There’s just something so suave about them. Maybe it’s the way they walk down the runway after a flight—or maybe I’m just imagining Ben Affleck or Josh Hartnett. But seriously, I get a vibe of accomplishment and loyalty from men in uniform in general. It’s very sexy.”

5)   Your sweaty T-shirt

Good news for all you fitness buffs. “When I see a guy looking all sweaty at the gym or after a round of ball with his buddies, it’s a turn-on,” says Gianna. “Just seeing his wet shirt hugging his body in all the right places—it’s awesome. I don’t even mind the smell so much. Of course it helps if he actually uses body spray and is generally hygienic.”

6)   You playing Xbox

No. This isn’t a joke. You playing computer games = mega turn-on. “I love watching a man play Xbox,” says Girl on the Net. “It’s hot because he’s super-engrossed, there’s the sexiness of seeing his fingers move really quickly, and distracting him from it with a blowjob or a handjob is a challenge—one that he wants me to win. But he has to pretend like he doesn’t.”

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7)   Forearm flashing (and fast hands)

Forget bulging biceps and flat abs—when it comes to the bits of your body that turn her on, it’s handily simple. Our experts agree that the sexiest bit of a man’s body is his forearm. And it turns out your digits are also key to turning women on. “Hands are also sexy,” says GoTN. “It sounds weird, but it totally turns me on seeing a guy when he’s typing really fast.”

8)   Other people doing it

“Watching people doing it or even just MOMOLing is a big turn-on, and at the same time makes me feel inggit na rin,” shares Bianca. “That one makes me end up doing a bootycall. Ha ha!”

9)   Alcohol breath

“One thing is for sure: I’d never date a smoker because really, no one wants to make out with an ashtray,” says Gianna. “But smelling or tasting whiskey or beer from a guy’s mouth is actually oddly enjoyable. These are drinks I associate with manliness and strength so having that scent lingering in the air while we converse or tasting it in my mouth during a make-out sesh makes me feel safer. It’s also a nice contrast to my sweet, girly cocktails. Palate cleanser, anyone?”

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10)   You masturbating

“I felt an odd satisfaction with an ex-boyfriend this one time,” shares Bianca. “He only wanted me to sit beside him and he was looking deeply in to my eyes while, er, flapping his bird. Ang sweet lang. He made me feel sexy and desirable. That’s how I knew he had nothing but me on his mind.”

11)   Bald guys

That freak-out you had the other night because you thought your hairline shifted back another two centimeters? Forget about it. “Touching a bald guy, or a guy who is going bald and has shaved the rest off so you can just feel the stubble, is really good,” explains GoTN. “When they’re out in the rain and it’s dripping off their head… ah, hot.”

12)   Watching porn

“I myself enjoy watching porn with my girlfriend, lalo na kung super hot nung porn star,” Bianca reveals. “Pag nanonood ka kasi ng porn, ibang klase yung subconscious mind mo, to the point that you’ll get aroused by anything that brushes against your skin. That’s what makes it sexy.”

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13)   Freaky feet

Your feet. Her feet. Get things right down there and it can bring a world of joy. “I’m not into feet, but I love the idea of a guy who is so into them that he just wants to touch them and lick them. People with fetishes are super-horny” says GoTN.

14)   Sexy chat

Women are auditory beings, meaning that hearing what you want to do to them in bed will make them want to do it. Simple. Or it should be. “But honestly, sexy or dirty talk makes me laugh,” Gianna admits. “I’m not saying it’s not hot because it definitely can be when you do it right. But in my experience, attempts at dirty talk end up becoming a series of ‘Really? You want me to do what?’ followed by a giggle fit. If you really want me to respond to dirty talk, make sure you know what you’re doing and exactly what you want. Once you get my full undivided attention, we’re good to go.”

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15)   Digital interaction

If you want to send her some filth, be our guest, but choose your method wisely. “I like it short and sweet, not long and overly aggressive,” says Gianna. “I’d rather get a text message or email saying, ‘I’ve been thinking about you all day. Can’t wait to see you later,’ rather than ‘I’m horny. When I get to you later I’m going to rip your clothes of and pin you down. After that, I’m going to…’ Yeah, don’t spoil the surprise. Start sweet and leave the dirty play for later.”


16)   Playing dress-up

They might get more sex in one episode of Game of Thrones than you do in a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean she wants you to come over all Jon Snow. “If a guy puts too much effort into adding theatrics and props to foreplay, it can kill the mood,” Gianna reveals. “Keep it simple: an ordinary blue polo that resembles a policeman uniform; a gray necktie ala Christian Grey; suspenders attached to yellow sweatpants to look like a fireman’s outfit. We also don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to take off all the damn layers.”

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17)   Being filmed/filming you two having sex

A lot of girls love being on camera, but safety is key. “When it comes to intimate moments, knowing it’s recorded makes it more passionate, and much sexier,” says Bianca. GoTN adds: “I’ve been filmed once—the video itself was deeply hot, and watching it after with the guy was amazingly sexy. But I have no idea where it is now, and although I’m sure the man would never have deliberately distributed it, the worry is still there.”

18)   Pizza Parties

“I’m a no-frills kind of girl,” says Gianna. “I don’t need fancy restaurants or expensive gifts—good old quality time with my guy is all I’m after. And what’s so wrong with pizza anyway? It’s delicious! I don’t mind staying in and munching on a box or two while watching a movie.”

19)   Waking her up for sex

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Like her own personal alarm clock, girls love a spontaneous morning romp, instigated by you. “If a guy wakes me up and initiates sex, that’s really hot,” says GoTN. Talk about literally turning her on.

20)   Group sex

“The night I had a threesome with two guys was the best night of my life,” says GoTN. “I’ve also had them with another girl. Two of the girls I slept with were super-curvy, and it was amazing because I’m not at all, so I was, like, ‘Everything about you is squishy—it’s brilliant.’” As expected, Bianca is a staunch advocate too. “A threesome with another girl sounds exciting,” she says. “But you won’t believe what I’ve done once—nasa party ako, nakipag-MOMOL ako sa seven girls!"

21)   Being Chef Boy Logro

While you don’t have to be the country’s highest-paid chef, it pays to have even a fraction of Chef Logro’s knack for whipping up gastronomic wonders. “I really find a spatula-wielding man sexy,” says Bianca. “I feel much safer in the hands of a guy who knows how to cook. I know that with him, I will never get hungry!”

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