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7 Legit Workout Sneakers For The Man Who’s Set On 2017 Gainz

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to get you started on those 2017 fitness goals
by Miguel Escobar | Jan 28, 2017
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These next few days are crucial. Come late January, the “New Year, New Me” crowd will start to skip their workouts. When 2017 came along, they gathered en masse at your local gym, clad in expensive fitness gear and all but willing to talk about this new diet that they’re on; selfie cams at-the-ready for when the light hits their slightly-sweaty, sorta-glistening non-muscles just right. But that was three weeks ago. By now, most of them have began the gradual surrender. Their New Year’s resolutions will prove futile, and they will ultimately concede to the temptations of good food and an extra hour of sleep. At least now, you can hit the gym in peace again.

So when you do, come prepared with a new pair of shoes to suit your workout of choice. It’s also a great way to get yourself motivated, because nothing raises the stakes like the smell of new sneakers and a gaping hole in your wallet. Sayang naman, diba?

RUNNING: adidas Supernova Glide 9

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It’s never a bad idea to keep a dedicated pair of running shoes, even if you aren’t a serious runner. Apart from the obvious top contenders, the adidas AlphaBounce and the adidas Ultra Boost, the three stripes also had a runaway hit in the Supernova Glide 9, which picks up from the critically-acclaimed Glide 8. It’s a nice, all-around running shoe with a neutral ride and all the benefits of Boost tech. Plus, it looks pretty damn sweet, and near enough to the Ultra Boosts at a fraction of the price.

CYCLING: B'Twin 700 Carbon Cycling Shoes

Whether you’ve finally decided to take your girl up on her invitations to Electric Studio or you’re just looking to show dust off your mountain bike, consider getting your own pair of cycling shoes. This pair by B’Twin is a great look in white, so you can finally give your ratty old runners a break from the pedals.

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CROSSFIT: Nike Metcon 3 DSX Flyknit

Yes, Reebok technically owns the rights to CrossFit shoes, so the Metcon isn’t exactly a CrossFit shoe. But it was always designed for that purpose, and it looks a hell of a lot better than any of the regulation shoes. And what’s the point of doing CrossFit if you don’t look good doing it? Go ahead, we’ll wait.


BASKETBALL: Nike Kyrie 3

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Balling will always be a great form of exercise, and one of the bold new basketball shoes that swept in at the tail end of 2016 is the Kyrie 3. It’s no doubt the best-looking Kyrie signature sneakers, and perhaps the best-looking Nike signature of this cycle. It’s also especially sweet that the Kyrie 3 did not disappoint in the performance department—living up to and building upon the standards and specifications of its previous iteration.

HIKING: Timberland 6-inch Boot

Okay, so this isn’t really a workout, and Timberlands aren’t really sneakers. Fine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cop a pair of these in anticipation of your next climb—which sort of counts as a workout anyway. The great outdoors can prove to be serious exercise, after all, so you get to chalk it up to your fitness goals if it makes you feel better about yourself.

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BASTA WORKOUT: Nike Free Train Force Flyknit

If you aren’t looking for any specific type of workout to try (and are, like many of us, just looking to work out), then you’re probably looking for a non-specialized shoe for indoor running, outdoor running, weightlifting, and all manner of exercise. The Free Train Force Flyknit (what a mouthful) is designed to be such a sneaker. Plus, it’s pretty funky-looking in all-black.

FLEXING: adidas Pure Boost

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If you’re going to buy a pair of shoes just to look good at the gym, at least be self-aware about it. There’s no shame in wanting to deck yourself out in cool workout clothes just to pose for selfies and hit on hot moms at the water dispenser right outside the saunas. Well, maybe there’s a little shame in that. Okay, a lot of shame. But hey, these new Pure Boosts look great!

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