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8 Ways To Keep Your Sneakers Squeaky Clean

Here are some tricks to keep your white shoes white.
by FHM UK | Sep 25, 2015
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Got a smart-looking pair of kicks, but not sure if they'll still be pristine after a few weeks of wear? No worries. We asked Caner Veli, founder of shoe-cleaning brand Liquiproof, for his expert tips…

Cleaning your trainers shouldn't take more than two minutes.

"For the main upper of the trainers, you'll need three things: some water, cleaner and a soft brush or towel. A lot of people like specialist cleaners, but you'll be fine with normal hand soap. For full grain leather, midsole and soles (the rubber parts), I recommend a baby wipe or damp cloth and some elbow grease."

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You can keep them clean with things you've got lying around the house.

"Baking powder on oil stains should absorb any stains, and then gently brush off the residue. A pack of baby wipes will always come in handy for the soles."

The best way to keep white trainers white is not to wear them. Ever.

"If you want to keep them pristine, then don't wear them! Protect them first, but take care with where you wear them and when. The best time to wear white trainers is a sunny, dry day away from any hazards or any situation where other people can step on your shoes."

Blue dye marks from your jeans are a common issue, but it can be avoided.

"Spray hairspray on the inside of the jeans. Now, I apply Liquiproof Fabric to my jeans. This prevents them running."

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It is actually possible to keep canvas trainers clean, believe it or not.

"Canvas trainers are harder to keep clean but not impossible. Use a protector as soon as you buy them. This will make it easier to clean in future. To clean, them use soft brush made of hog hair and hand soap with warm water. Gently rub the shoes and rinse them off with water. Then, leave to dry with shoe tree in them to maintain the shape. On some trainers (valued at around £30), you should be able to get away with washing them in a pillow case on a 30 degree wash. No hotter, though."

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If you're into suede or nubuck trainers, you need to give them some love.

"I would 100 percent recommend protecting before wearing them. Assuming they are covered in regular dirt picked up during normal wear, use a medium brush to remove dried on mud and dirt. Then on dry shoes, use a suede brush or suede eraser to remove the stains. For tough dirt, use a combination of a little warm water, oxy crystals and colourless washing up liquid."

Whatever you do, don't overdo water on suede trainers.

"It's more of an art of keeping the nap of the suede. Let them dry with a shoe tree inside, and once dry use suede brush to bring back the nap."

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If you really can't be arsed to do any of the above, buy dark coloured trainers.

"Light colours are the worst for keeping clean because you can see the marks/dirt more visibly. Or just do the right thing and buy some Liquiproof Footwear Protector. It works on all kind of trainers. Simply spray on and leave to dry for 24 hours. Then you'll have stain-resistant trainers that are easy to maintain."

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