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15 Of The Best Adidas Shoes To Give Your Wardrobe A Boost

Staying loyal to the three stripes has its aesthetic benefits
by Chandra Pepino | Jul 14, 2018
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There’s a reason the brand adidas has stood the test of time—even when the checks, the pumas, and the chucks never fall far behind. And with $26.3 billion in profits in 2017 alone, their loyal customers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re overwhelmed by their selection, both old and new, we’ve narrowed down the 15 best pairs to have in your arsenal:

15) Yeezy Boost

This shoe polarizes the sneaker community, with some praising its innovation and others dismissing it as pure hype. But whether you dig them or not, they’re constantly sold out...with many pairs resold for exorbitant amounts on the internet. Unsurprisingly, fakes abound. But if Kanye West is one of your style icons, you won’t go wrong copping a pair.

14) Spezial

Not a lot of folks talk about the Spezial (at least not as much as the Stan Smith), but there’s an old charm to this 1979 pair—its suede touches and neutral colorways are a fail-safe option for formal and casual outings.

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13) Achill

They’re not as popular as they were back during their 2011 revival, but the '60s shoe has been dubbed by Complex as “the godfather of modern running shoe design.” It even had a thick rear reinforcement to protect your [Achilles’] heel.

12) Americana

The Americana was on top of the basketball game for a hot minute, but you can enjoy the classic style in its second-gen revival—its millennial version, if you will—the Americana Low Skate Shoe

11) Torsion Allegra

This shoe looks a bit weird at first glance—a bit like the Balenciaga Triple S—but once you’ve acquired a taste for it, you’ll find that it’s aged quite well, especially now that even institutions like Vogue are greenlighting the “dad sneakers” trend. O, anak, allowance mo

10) EQT

Two words: EQT green. That perfect emerald colorway was coveted by many a '90s sneakerhead, and though the design has gotten some overhauls in recent years, the OG version will always be memorable.

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9) Climacool

This bulky running shoe remains a staple because it’s so breathable (hence the name), and frankly, between this and the Roshe Runs, you’ll get a lot more functionality out of this pair (not that you’re supposed to be running much in those anyway).

8) Samba

We couldn’t not have a soccer shoe on this list. This was the pair no player could ever manage to keep clean—they were meant for rough-and-tumble, hard-weather, muddy-soccer-fields play. 

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7) Campus

The Campus is a lot similar to the Gazelle, but has a younger, more casual feel to it. They’re perfect for your shirt-and-jeans-lang errand days.

6) Energy Boost

The Energy Boost is the shoe every runner deserves. It’s designed to bounce off the runner’s energy so they can make the most out of their long-distance workouts. Helps that they’re pretty damn good-looking, too.

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5) NMD

Combining both boost and Primeknit technology, the NMD had a bit of a slow burn until hypebeasts, well, hyped it up in the past couple years. This is the statement adidas shoe to beat all adidas shoes. If you want compliments, roll out in these.

4) Ultra Boost

adidas is primarily a sports brand, after all—and any gymgoer worth the muscles on their shoulders know that a stable training shoe is half the battle (and that they’re different from a running shoe). But they’re also so stylish that you’d have no problem wearing them outside of the gym, too.

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3) Gazelle

For adidas fans who want a dressier version of the Superstar, the Gazelle is a solid choice, often fitted in an all-suede exterior. It’s not bagyo-friendly by any means, but that’s why you save these bad boys for special occasions.

2) Stan Smith

Did you know that this shoe used to be called the Robert Haillet? Not quite as catchy, isn’t it? Stan Smith’s tennis career may be long past, but the sneakers that bear his name are still wildly popular today.

1) Superstar

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You, me, and your mother saw this one coming—there is no shoe more iconic and synonymous to the brand’s nearly 70-year history. The solid shell toe is so easy to clean, you can see those three stripes from miles away, and it’s so damn versatile you can wear them with anything. If you only own one adidas pair your entire life, it has to be this one.

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