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Bea Benedicto Is One Of The Main Reasons You Should Buy FHM's September 2016 Issue

The TV host and social media darling sheds her apprehensions
by Pong Castillo | Sep 11, 2016
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There are two ways by which we can assume you know Bea Benedicto: first is that you’re an avid viewer of TV5 show Kontrabando, where she is the muse among the male geniuses who are Lourd de Veyra, Jun Sabayton, RA Rivera, and Ramon Bautista. Second is that you’re a keen observer (and virtual tambay) in social media, where Bea actively shares her horror vlogs and online accounts to her growing followers, among other interesting things (search: @bea_benedicto on Instagram and @beabeekilikili on Twitter—stat!).

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But regardless of how you stumbled upon this 26-year-old TV and events host, you’d know she rubs off a brand of humor that’s equal parts koboy, charming, and wholesome. “I’ve become the friendly tita a.k.a. Hipag of the group,” she says. “Initially, may culture shock, but eventually I’ve established myself as the equilibrium to balance out all the testosterone.”

She is one of the boys, a natural comic and smart talker. We’ve known that the first time we learned about Bea Benedicto. Consider this a reintroduction—there’s a lot more to love about her.

We see you now dabble into horror vlogging. Interesting choice, but are you really into the genre?
I don’t tell this to people, but that’s kind of my guilty pleasure. When I’m bored at home, I Google "top 15 horror movies,” and kahit pangit siya, papanoorin ko pa rin. I have this weird fixation with ghosts and the paranormal. Not gore ha, more of mga mumu. Hindi ako tinatablan ng takot dun. For me it’s entertaining and fun, lalo na when you watch it with friends. Ang gulo!

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What would you consider your fear then?
I’m scared of rodents. I do not like heights, like when you have to jump off something. When there are contraptions, like on roller coasters, then I’m game. Ha ha!

Pretty brave we see…
I’m not a scaredy cat naman, I think I’m pretty tough. Ah! Here’s a good one, another confession: I actually fear public speaking, which is ironic because I do that for a living. But for the sake of money, I do it!

Kumikitang kabuhayan!
Mismo! Ha ha! But kidding aside, I really have a bad case of stage fright. I’ve always been shy growing up. It’s only after college that I first tried it. Someone offered me a hosting gig at an event for an x amount of money, so I considered. It went well naman, thankfully.

And now it’s part of your job title—a TV and events host.
Before, we had a show called Barangay Utakan, and the first few episodes were really stressful for me. Improv kasi yun, and hindi naman ako magaling mag-improv dati. Ngayon napa-practice lang ako ng mga ‘to eh [points to her B.A.Y.A.W. T-shirt]. It’s good to be around these four talented guys [de Veyra, Rivera, Sabayton, and Bautista], who are so smart, so you’re forced to be smart as well. Ha ha!

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Speaking of B.A.Y.A.W., how is it really working in TV5’s Kontrabando as the lone girl?
They already made me part of their panel, and I think it’s a good kind of pressure kasi mapipilitan kang magpaka-bibo para masabayan sila. Downside lang is nagiging bayaw na rin ako, ha ha! Kaya ako tumaba eh, napapasabay ako kumain sa kanila.

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Since we’re talking about your fears and career adventures, we want to know: did the thought of posing for FHM ever scare you?
Oh yes! I’ve always been very wholesome with my image, so my followers know me as that, too. I didn’t think it would work for me. It was actually my mom and sisters who pushed me to do it.

Now we know whom to convince for a future cover proposal!
Ha ha! I mean, this whole brand revamp you did really opened the door for more artists, I guess. It’s not the first time FHM asked me to pose in the mag, it’s just now that I feel I’m ready. Hopefully in the future, when I start working out, we can do something even bigger than this. Ha ha!

We’ll keep the lines open then!
YOLO! I’m turning 27 na rin, so it’s really nice to be able to share certain things about myself. I’ll be super pragmatic about it; I know that my following is like 90 percent boys, so parang, ‘Oh sige, kausapin ko na kayo. Eto ako, nagba-vlog ako, i-follow niyo naman ako para hindi ako maging taong-grasa.’ Ha ha! But seriously, they’re all really sweet and nice. I’m grateful.

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Part of your job is to be active on social media. How does it feel having to put yourself out there and interacting with so many people online?
People can be cruel sometimes, but if you’re lucky, you’d find that you actually have a support group online. I call mine the Bea Bee Defenders. I read comments, sure, but I don’t always reply. Cyberbullies are bored people, they have too much time in their hands.

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We found a @beabeekilikili Twitter account. What is the story behind it?
People have a weird fixation on my armpits, ha ha! Someone also made a Wikipedia account of my feet. Google it: ‘Bea Benedico feet’! RA and I used to manage that Twitter account, and my armpits used to do philosophical musings. Ha ha!

How do you keep that wholesomeness in the company of four guys in a TV show, and that ratio of male followers?
Ha ha! Initially, may culture shock, but eventually I’ve established myself as the equilibrium to balance out all the testosterone. Ako na yung naging ‘hipag’ ng grupo. When I meet supporters of the show, fist bump ang bati nila sa akin. Ha ha!

Can you describe your Kontrabando colleagues in one word?
Jun is strange. Sometimes he just says random things na sabaw lang. Lourd—brains. He’s really my idol. He has a lot of haters and maybe that’s because he knows so much about so many things. He always reads and studies kahit sa  taping. I wish I was more like him, ha ha! Ramon is swabe. You can’t get more charismatic than him, ha ha! He can talk and charm anyone. RA is a genius. He has so much ideas, so much creative juice. That guy’s brain…he doesn’t know how smart he is. Grabe, they should pay me for this! FHM

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