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Casual Footwear Alternatives For The Stylish Man On A Budget

Rock boots, boat shoes, and slip-ons without burning a hole in your wallet
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Aug 2, 2017
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When we talk of footwear, we’re really just talking about money. Foot fashion is a game enjoyed mostly by monied folk with a default devotion to basketball. It’s an exclusive, convoluted world of limited editions dirtied by Greenhills fakes and wannabe sneakerheads with Instagram seller accounts.

But there’s hope for the commoners who can only fit themselves into a Venn diagram of frugal and “I’ve read one article about Fashion Week in my lifetime.” Here are some cheaper casual footwear that still show you care about appearances.

Boat Shoes

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The last boat shoes on Earth were spotted on an uncle in khakis undergoing a mid-life crisis last Christmas 2016. But many would still argue that they are making a comeback. Boat shoes can be very expensive because they are marketed to people who own yachts. But don’t let your lack of maritime hobbies keep you from partaking in classic podiatric fashion!

Sebago and Sperry are the go-to brands when it comes to rubber-soled boat shoes, but we don’t all have that intense cash flow. Luckily, you can score these wardrobe staples for only PHP 2500 from Brogue and Derby via Zalora. And that includes shipping!

Penny Loafers

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Penny loafers hold enough chill that we’re willing to bet even Stone Cold Steve Austin wears them on his days off. When it comes to these babies, we tend to go for genuine leather. But did you know they use pigeon poop to give leather its color and shine? For something so gross, we just don’t want to get set back upwards of PHP 5000. So save half and literally check these Gibi loafers out the cashier. For only PHP 2500, you can don the classy leatherwear with pants and shorts.


Teva Sandals

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Let’s give some credit to our crunchy brothers who love the great outdoors. It’s 2017, and Teva sandals aren’t exactly the normcore nightmare fashion magazines make them out to be. They are cheap, comfortable, versatile, baha-proof, and covetable if worn by the correct influencer. Teva sandals are perfect for those of us who don’t want to trade entire paychecks for a pair of Birkenstocks. Just make sure your toes are pedicured.

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Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to get your girlfriend a matching pair. She will love them and the results are perfectly Instagrammable.

The Boot

The case for the boot being cheap casualwear is filled with anecdotal evidence—it’s only cheap and casual when the wearer says it’s cheap and casual. On the regular, boots are worn by lumberjacks, people who trudge through snow, and rock stars who peaked in the '90s. They are also crazy expensive that unless you have a hefty inheritance or a you are sponsored fashion vlogger, purchasing them often comes with tears.

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But the shoemakers of Marquina have produced some quality casual boots that you’d wear all the time. Sure, they can be more expensive ringing in at PHP 5500 onwards, but boots use up more material just as they require excellent craftsmanship. They are perfect with your sexiest jeans, and if you have enough followers, you may even get away with pairing them with shorts.


Casual footwear was invented for those of us who cannot be bothered to lace up complex oxfords or wear socks. And we usually don’t want to in this tropical island. We are truly at our best with easy, slip-on sandals made of organic cotton, hemp, and other recycled materials.

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What? TOMS makes those exact shoes? And they give to charity for every pair you buy? And it will cost me no more than PHP 3000 for a pair?!? The gods must be crazy.


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