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LOOK: Converse Releases Ultraman Shoes

In celebration of the Japanese TV series' 50th anniversary
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 26, 2016
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Converse is celebrating Ultraman's 50th anniversary in the best way it possibly could: Ultraman-themed sneakers.

The Japanese tokusatsu TV series, paraded the iconic titular hero against a fearsome—and sometimes hilarious—array of monsters for bad guys. Ultraman first aired in 1966, making kids drool before CGI was even invented.


Converse made sure each side was well-represented in the Converse x Ultraman collection, releasing three ingenious designs: one dedicated to the intergalactic protagonist and a couple for the show's more beloved villains.

The All Star Ultraman R HI is basically Ultraman as a shoe, with his dominant metallic silver and red markings spread throughout the upper, and red and blue patches on each shoe symbolizing the Color Timer.

The most glaring detail of the All Star Vartan Say Jin R Slip OX are the yellow beads on where the topmost shoelace holes are supposed to be, reminiscent of the antagonist Alien Baltan's eyes. The shoe also bears the antagonist's color and texture.


The electric eel-like kaiju is brought to life through the All Star Eleking R HI, which features the monster's black streaks in a white canvass that glows in the dark.

The special edition All Star is exclusive to Japan, so you might want to start contacting your friends and relatives there. It drops this July for ¥8,500-9,500 (approximately P3,00 to P4,000).


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