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Crocs Lightens Up!

<p>Tamad season, coming up!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Mar 29, 2011
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Crocs has two new collections perfect for the coming season: the Lighten Up Your Feet Collection and the Duet Collection.

Lighten Up Your Feet actually features sneakers, which are almost always a staple in every dude's closet. Well, you can't get sneakers that are more summer-friendly than Crocs'. Why? Because it's like your wearing their supremely comfortable clogs (why do you think kids love them so much?) without looking as slothful as you feel.

The Duet Collection meanwhile features the signature clogs and their flipflops. While the flipflops look more fitting to your ladyloves, the clogs receive an upgrade. It still looks as crazy, don't get us wrong. It is the insides of the clogs that get the update. What do you know? They actually made it even more comfortable than it already is!

Check out the photos below to know what we're talking about.

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