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Cure Footwear Boredom With These Unique Kicks!

Picking shoes should be more than just the colors
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 3, 2013
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There comes a time when we start to feel empty and bored down there. No, that ain't a penis joke. What we're talking about goes really low, like ground-level low. FHM Nation, we ask you this: Tinatamad na ba kayo mag-sapatos?

We reckon many of you will say yes, and we don't blame you. Donning the same shoes time and again will inevitably make you feel dull about your soles. And sometimes, it might not be restricted to the kicks that you actually have but also all the others in the market—at least for those that fall in the standard categories (e.g. basketball shoes, top-siders, leather shoes, etc.). In the end, they'll look as if they're in black and white, no matter how many shades they borrow from the rainbow.

So, what's the answer for this kind of footwear laziness or boredom? Go unique, not just in color, but also in design! Below are some new not-so-ordinary footwear, all of which go out of the box while still being stylish as heck.

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1. Sanuk Thinnovation Commodore

unique footwear philippinesunique footwear philippinesunique footwear philippines

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Offering footwear that looks like the lovechild of walking shoes and sandals, Sanuk is one brand that values comfort. One of their latest offerings, the Commodore, boasts a look that's both casual and distinct—two words which reminds us of its mothership. Wear one and expect onlookers to glance at your feet with a puzzled gaze, as if thinking "Shoes ba talaga 'yan? Ibang klase ah!" And since it comes with Sanuk's new Thinnovation design, which makes their shoes slimmer and made with a softer rubber and fabric construction compared to formal shoes, expect to have no painful paltos moments with it.

Kicks scene: For casual, everyday lakad, looks good both with shorts and pants with no socks

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