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NEW KICKS ALERT: Elite Versions Of The Kobe, LeBron, And KD Shoes Set To Arrive Next Month!

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by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 10, 2015
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The Nike Elite series features Nike's top basketball kicks—the Kobes, the LeBrons, and the KDs—in their Super Saiyan form.

Pardon the geeky reference but that's what the Elites are. They're like the top-of-the-line variant of a car, offering features that the standard editions just don't have. This year's batch is coming in April, and they're looking very, very elite—and with a price tag to match.

Let's begin with the most experienced in the bunch, Kobe and his Kobe X Elite:

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The standard Kobe X was a low-top beauty. In the Elite version, the pair reverts to the ultra-high-top look that the Kobe IX adopted. The biggest change here is that the shoe is made of Flyknit that's made from recycled polyester yarn—making it the first shoe to use such a material. The traction and cushioning are the same from the standard version.

The Kobe X Elite is set to retail for P12,995.

Next, we have the Bigfoot of basketball shoes, LBJ's LeBron XII Elite:

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If you thought the LeBron XII was huge, the Elite version adds a few extra ounces to it. Like the LeBron XI Elite before it, the XII reinforces this tank with extra support structure from near the sole stretching to where the laces are. The result is a shoe that features enhanced lockdown and stability, as opposed to the regular shoe. Recommended for the big guys who can run even with a heavier shoe.

The LeBron XII Elite is priced at (a whopping) P15,995

Last but not the least, we have the reigning MVP's KD 7 Elite:

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While Durant isn't particularly healthy right now, at least his shoe is looking mighty fine. Some may balk at this version's Crocs-like perforations but those were done with a purpose: to make the Hyperposite construction more breathable and lighter. No overheating feet with this one.

These shoes go for P11,495

Three collections will be launched all in all for each month starting in April and ending in June.

Here's the "Team" collection to be launched on April 18:

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The "Elevate" collection comes out on May 15:

And the "Rose Gold" collection drops on June 5:

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Time to save up, fellow sneakerheads!

Check out the for more info and photos. Contact your local Nike retailer for availability.

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