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The Marijuana Shoes, A Sexy Weather Girl's Workout, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Plus: Mark Hamill's wit, an octopus' daring escape, and a sh*t-themed museum
by Mars Salazar | Apr 16, 2016
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Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge, gentlemen!

This edition of 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week has the freshest scoop on hot babes, a couple of inspirational stuff, and crazy news we're raring for you to check out. Get reading!

What were you doing when you were 16 years old? Studying for exams and practicing your landian skills? That's cool, but that's nothing compared to Ben Pasternak, who, at that age, has dropped out from high school to start his multi-million social media marketplace for teens called Flogg.

"[My parents] weren't convinced about me leaving school at first," he says of his real-estate dad and stay-at-home mom. "But after venture capitalists got interested and said they'd put down money, I was like, 'I won't get this opportunity again!'" Keep doing what you're doing, kid, you're gonna go places.

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If you're lucky enough to get a chance to meet Mark Hamill, don't just settle for a selfie. An autograph would be a better idea, since Luke Skywalker apparently gives really hilarious ones, judging by the ones in this album.

We're still not over Kobe Bryant's majestic farewell performance (Come on, how does one get over his 60-point adieu?), so we're digging this infographic showing all 30,699 shots he took during his 20-year career.

Speaking of Kobe's grand finale, rapper Jay-Z was supposedly able to take home the best souvenir from it: the actual game ball. Some dudes really have all the luck...or do they?


Hot Mexican weathergirl Yanet Garcia has released a workout video (of sorts), and though we can't understand a single word she's saying, we do understand now how she keeps her glorious figure in top form:

In amazing escapes: Inky the Octopus, who's got more arms (pun intended) than notorious escape artist/drug lord El Chapo, slithered out of his tank at the New Zealand National Aquarium, crawled over to a nearby drain, and (hopefully) made a triumphant return to the Pacific Ocean, where he truly belongs. Memo to self: Don't ever mess with octopi.

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"Happy," the vulcanized Adidas Stan Smiths made especially for 4/20, is a pothead/sneakerhead's wet dream: the upper features "natural hemp that has been heat pressed with a stoned-out pattern" (literally stoned), and the heel tab and tongue label "were inspired by the medicinal nature of hemp and how it is now considered a pharmaceutical drug."

A pair also has pockets on the tongue's interior, perfect to hide small items like cash, candy, or, you know, weed. The catch: It's a really, really special release, so you're one lucky SOB if you manage to get your hands on one!

Apparently, you can put up museums for everything—from paintings, sculptures, animal bones, to all things sex-related and...poop-related. You read that right: England's National Poo Museum "features a variety of animal and human feces displayed in resin spheres for the public's viewing pleasure." That's so...full of shit, man!

The Game of Thrones official Facebook page just released this awesome 360 video of Westeros so you could explore its every nook and cranny. SO. DAMN. COOL.

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Have you seen the trailer for Doctor Strange? The mixed feedback hasn't prevented our Marvel fanboys from being quite ecstatic about it. See for yourself:

Planning to get a tattoo? Make sure you don't regret your decision with Ink Hunter, a new app that lets you see how your tat will look on you. Try it out!

For the most nakakakilig news of the week: Kilig has made it to the Oxford English Dictionary! You can now use it in your everyday discussions as both adjective and noun. Maybe they'll add a verb meaning soon!

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Twenty-eight-year-old graphic designer Troy Sitosta has restored our faith in humanity by designing rad logos for RJ's Peanut Butter, which taxi driver Roderic Almaceda is selling to support his family. "Malaking tulong po talaga sa akin yon. Kailangan po talaga ng label, kasi dagdag 'yon sa pampaganda doon sa jar. At maganda siyang tignan," said Almaceda, who added that orders have since skyrocketed. Looks like there's still hope for us, after all!

Taylor Swift does not look like herself in her latest Vogue cover. In fact, we think she looks a lot like...Sia. What do you think, bros?

Sad news: Irina Shayk is apparently taken again. The supermodel, who used to date Cristiano Ronaldo, is now apparently seriously dating actor Bradley Cooper, and they debuted their new fling via a boob-filled Instagram post. She didn't even give us a chance, guys.


Photos via Facebook,, ABS-CBN

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