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FHM Terno Guide Vol. 1: The Footwear Edition

Your feet has no eyes, but we do. So, give this a thought: Don't just look for comfort! We guide you in mixin' and matchin' your kicks to improve your shoe game
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 4, 2014
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In case you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t become easier to dress up when you have a shoe for every occasion. In fact, it begins to take more time to decide what goes with what kicks.

Many men do not have the mental fortitude (or enough fucks to give) to deal with this shit, and that’s why we have the horror that is the white socks, mandals, and jorts look. Who has the time to think about their outfit much less plan them in advance? We are men not women!

But the good thing is you have FHM to do all the heavy lifting for you, and teach you how to maximize the potential of your shoe game. Read on to know what goes well (and what doesn't) with different kinds of shoes and even sandals! Yep, we love you, guyzzz! #NoHomo


The bread and butter of your wardrobe. We could split this into one million more categories but even we don’t have the time for that.

fhm terno guide

The good: You can rarely go wrong with some nice denim; in fact, assume that good jeans will go with everything else on this list. Any shirt pretty much works as well. Aren’t sneakers great?

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The bad: Bad denim, duh. To expound: tattered/ripped-beyond-saving (and looking cool), too skinny even for the most anorexic of emo kids, too long that your ankle has more folds than a fat dude

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The downright fugly: Basketball shorts, especially the super short ones. We always hate on jerseys as casual wear, and we’re throwing their bottom half under the bus as well.


Also known as leather shoes or balat. Comes in many shades such as brown, dark brown, light brown, black, and charol.

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The good: Trousers/chinos (in a non-blue color, because you might as well be in jeans), because they are also known as “dress pants.” Society didn’t pair these together for no reason. A long-sleeve shirt, because you might as well go full prep.

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The bad: Shorts. Wearing a short-sleeve shirt with it is pwede pa, but don’t scrimp on fabric down there with those douchebag pekpek “dress shorts.”

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The downright fugly: CARGO SHORTS. We feel like this has happened in some dark untouched-by-style corner of the world somewhere.

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