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The UFC’s New Hottie, An Insane Weightlifting World Record, And 10 Other Things To Fitspire You This Week!

This week's list is filled with awesome moves, kick-ass babes, and workout tips!
by Mars Salazar | Jul 14, 2015
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Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s dose of #fitspirations: Hot girls with mad martial arts skills, a very impressive weightlifting feat, and diet hacks to maximize your gains.

Read on for all the motivation you need to haul your butt off the couch in a jiffy!

Need fitspiration? Look no further than football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, who showcased his perfect, mala-Adonis physique in this Japanese ab massager commercial. Because if Ronaldo needs an ab massager to look this good, how much more do we, right?

Video via Torres Comps

Watch the girl below take on a bunch of guys with her mad Jiu Jitsu skills, and feel bad about your own measly martial arts prowess. (To be fair to us though, it’s hard to fight with raging boners, and the dudes in the clip are probably sporting massive hard-ons.)

Video via Riley breedlove

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If there’s anything we’ve learned from the whole West Philippine Sea situation, it’s that the Chinese don’t play fair. Case in point: This amazing spinning kick that Chinese MMA combatant Ze Wu delivered to his compatriot rival Hui Qiang Wu’s nuts. Watching it is already painful.

Video via Kaku Puro

Hollywood stuntman and former gymnast Damien Walters sure doesn’t skip leg day—or any other gym day, for that matter. Just watch him jump clean over a freakin' house using a freakin' swing set. Seriously impressive.

Video via Damien Walters

Though she’s still a UFC newbie, Michelle Waterson was quickly able to prove that she’s one of the sexiest ass-kickers around by winning her debut fight in the octagon. Definitely a girl we don’t want to mess with!

fitspirationImage via

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The world of weightlifting has a lot of dos and don’ts, but the number one "don't" would definitely be to drop a barbell on any vital body part, such as your back. Watch and learn (and cringe), bros.

Hafthor Bjornsson a.k.a. Game of Thrones’ "the Mountain" may be one of the strongest men on earth, but he’s no match for Eddie "The Beast" Hall, who just set a new world record by effortlessly deadlifting a whopping 463 kilograms (1,020 pounds) over the weekend. The (huge) guy didn’t even break a sweat!

Video via Mattis Bjorheim

Want to prevent crashing during endurance-draining activities like, say, a marathon? Here are three tips from Harvard-MIT scientist Benjamin Rapoport: Eat simple starches like rice or pasta, as well as lots of fiber-rich foods, 12-36 hours before a run; get just a bit dehydrated during a race (it could get your body running more efficiently); and maintain your marathon pace during your training runs. Try it out and tell us if they work, ayt?

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Unless you’re a vampire, garlic supplements should be very good for you. Aside from having a load of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can also ward off degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s thanks to its brain-protecting carbohydrate called FruArg. Add it to your grocery list, STAT!

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