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4 Kinds Of Footwear You Need This Summer

Time to briefly ditch your high-cut sneakers
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 28, 2016
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The state weather bureau officially declared the start of summer season last week, March 18. So are you ready for the scorching heat? And what about your man-drobe? You need to update the pieces in your cabinet.

We suggest you start with the things you put on your feet. Here's a round-up of the types of footwear that could keep you fresh this hot season.

1) Florals

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We often associate flower prints with girls but we'd like to set the record straight. When worn in the right manner, which means pairing them with the right kind of clothes and confidence, it can look equally great on men. Fashion stylist Bela Vitug recommends pairing them with bright colored tops and shorts for a casual look.

"Avoid wearing too many patterns or prints when wearing floral shoes. Wearing more than two prints up top can make you look too busy," she adds.

When to use them: Obviously, this wouldn't work for formal occasions. Wear them when going to the beach or pool party.

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2) Mandals

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ICYMI: Men's sandals are called mandals. Usually made of leather with ankle-buckling, they're the best footwear option if you want a little ventilation way down there.

"Mandals work with bright color linen, cotton top, or chambray polo shirt, and light colored shorts such as beige," says Bela.

When to use them: "They're very versatile and can be worn to many occasions—well, except for a business meeting," explains Bela. Also, avoid wearing it with a crew neck top or sando if you're not at the beach; you don't want to look like you're just wearing pambahay in the mall.

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3) Slip-ons

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If you don't like the idea of wearing mandals but need a lightweight footwear to beat the heat, go for a slip-on. They're comfortable and suit most outfits.

Bela says slip-ons look best when worn with "trousers and a dress shirt. Add a blazer or sport coat if you want to." She continues: "It also looks good when worn with open-necked or polo shirts, paired with khakis, and a belt as an accessory."

When to use them: Whether you're going out with the boys, on a date with your girlfriend, a vacation, or just about anything fun (read: not involving your job) slip-ons will work.

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4) Chambrays

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Sneakers made of chambray radiate a cool look, so yes, they're perfect for summer.

"Pair it with printed t-shirts, gingham shirts or even a blazer," advises Bela. "For your pants, you can go for a relaxed, slim, or skinny denim, or chinos for comfort and a preppy-hipster style."

When to use them: It's the most versatile footwear in this list. You can wear them while going bar-hopping, on a date, and everything in between because of its clean and decent look. "Just don't use them for a strict business attire or else, you will look underdressed," says Bela.

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