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Give Your Favorite Sneakers An Upgrade With These Local Hyperlaces

When it comes to your shoegrams, it's the little details that count
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 16, 2018
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We've got quite the cottage industry surrounding sneakers here in the Philippines: you have professional shoe restorers, shoe cleaners, resellers, and now you can even get upgraded shoelaces. Hyperlaces is the brainchild of Stephen Lee, and they offer a wide range of options for all the popular silhouettes—their Katakana variant is especially wavy.

A sure lock for you NMD ownersPhoto by Hyperlaces
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Prices range from P200-400 for the different kinds of laces on hand: 3M reflective, flat, rope. Aside from being able to subtly customize your sneaks, it's also a good resource for those with laces that look worse for wear. They even have aglets too, either for bling purposes or replacement of broken tips.

Photo by Hyperlaces
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Compared to the price of your sneakers, it's a cheap way to have some custom fun with them—and very easily reversible to a stock condition. We asked Stephen for a little input on the business of lacing up local sneakerheads.

Where did the idea to produce high-end shoelaces come from?
I was looking at creating a business similar to Rastaclat, a shoelace type bracelet. This lead me to research on shoelaces and I figured why not sell these locally instead.

Are the laces locally made?

No, they are manufactured by an international supplier.

Your site and products have an international appeal, do you get a lot of customers from outside the PH yet?
We get inquiries from abroad, although international shipping is not yet as affordable or efficient [as local shipping]. Most of our customers come from the Philippines.

Sometimes it's tempting to put volt laces on everythingPhoto by Hyperlaces
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Is this actually your full-time job or is it a side gig?
I consider this a side gig since I am still looking for other business opportunities I can venture into. I just resigned from my previous job last May to focus on building the business.

Is putting on aglets easily DIY-able?
We have two types of aglets. The first one is a clip-on aglet wherein you need a crimping tool to install it, which we do for our customers. The other one, called Bullet Aglets, are DIY-able and can be installed just by using superglue.

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